YouTube Channels: Do You Even Watch Your Video Before Uploading It?


Ok, checking the notification list. Well, well, what you favorite YouTuber has posted today? The biggest lie we tell ourselves is “I will only watch one more video”. The Internet is so addictive, don`t you agree? To be honest, it`s so hard for me to realize that there was one day when people didn`t use the world wide web.

I know that it sounds ridiculous and there was not just one day, there were epochs and millenniums without the Internet. And now it`s not only one of the major business industries with gazillions and gazillions of dollars of profit, but also a platform where anybody can develop themselves and earn money without even leaving the house.

It`s one of the reasons why YouTube is so incredibly popular nowadays. Around 72 hours of video material is being uploaded to YouTube each minute. Can you believe it? 72 hours is an insane number! How many life times will you need to watch all of that? Never mind, still, when you finish watching it all, the billions of hours will be uploaded immediately.

What do you upload, people? Why are you turning yourselves into the self-taught directors? Firstly, YouTube can bring you money. And if you are successful enough, it can bring you a lot of money. Secondly, it can get you to the fame. These are the exact reasons why people are struggling to become actors or musicians. And YouTube gives you the best opportunities possible. So, what are the real types of YouTube channels?

Press the Ctrl, Press the Ctrl!

YouTube Gaming

These are the YouTubers who turned their computer games obsession into a business. No doubt, some do it rather successfully, earning millions of dollars by just playing the games. Hold on, it seems to me that I remotely understand how it works, but I just can`t get my head around.

You`re telling me that you can spend your lifetime screening yourself playing a computer game, commenting on it, giving some advice, and getting hundreds of thousands of views because of that? Where do I sign up? It`s not that easy though. Firstly, those videos have a strictly targeted audience. Of geeks.

Only a few people get attention from the viewers. There is no really a pattern to do so. You can`t be charismatic enough, or beautiful, or funny, or talented to win over the audience. Do you consider your skillfully playing computer games to be a talent? Then go ahead and show them how you press those buttons on the keyboard.

What Did You Do to Your Face?

I bet, at least half of the girls who have ever seen a makeup tutorial videos have been thinking about shooting one themselves. It doesn`t seem too hard. It`s time to show those babes who is the best makeup mama in town!

Seriously, why are there so many of them out there on the Internet? Ok, I do understand the usefulness and success of some of those channels. I can even understand the girls who want to be exactly like their beauty gurus, but it has definitely turned into a disaster.

Please read this with a Valley girl accent. Thank you in advance. “Look at me painting eyebrows for the whole hour! At least now they are so-o-o amazing. Have you watched my previous video where I was plucking my eyebrows for two hours, so now I can paint on my forehead whatever I want?”

Girl, if you call it “a daily routine makeup tutorial” and you spend two hours on that, how do you even get out of the house? If I was putting my makeup for two hours, then two things would happen. First, I`ll be broke. Second, I will lie on the floor all tired because I spent all my energy on applying a concealer.

Besides, how come you have so much cosmetics? And what do you mean when you say that there are Monday and Thursday routines? Do you have a storage in your basement, because I can`t think of a place where all these creams will fit? But you, girls, did help me out in a couple of situations, so cheers to that.

Somebody, Please, Call 911

Ooooh, these are just hilarious. It used to be entertaining and useful to watch various life hacks. It`s thanks to you, guys, that I don`t have to eat burnt food, cooked by myself. You showed me a few life hacks and now I know what I do to make my life easier. I should definitely stop cooking after all.

No dissing meant here. Ok, maybe a little bit. But don`t you agree that a lot and a lot of these YouTube channels are crossing the line with their weird and sometimes even dangerous creativity? What I think is that they ran out of all the useful life hacks and are now struggling to get attention of their audience.

I found a really cool life hack on one the “domestic genius” channels. If you feel like your bathroom waste bin is a bit boring, just put a feather boa on it and you will never ever get bored in the bathroom again! I have literally nothing to say to this one.

There is no need to look through the official pages of singers, TV-shows, or film-producing companies, etc. Let`s not even mention those channels that pretend to be the “official” ones of celebrities. I always wondered why people would bother to create these. They usually post fan videos there, a montage of the “cutest or most cringe worthy moments” of people they are worshipping.

I have a little message for all of the fans who do that. Dear weird people, I do realize that you appreciate the work of your beloved actor (or his looks if you`re a teenage girl) or actress, it is only natural that you will wish to show your devotion in that way. But, please, stop naming your YouTube channels after the names of the actual performers.

It`s so frustrating. And I`m sure that you will support me in this. You want to check out a new music video of a certain artist. Say, it will be Adele (who wouldn`t want a new music video from her, right?). You are typing her name into the search bar and you are immediately being flooded with masses of YouTube channels that have the name “Adele” in it. How come the real channel is not even on the first page of the search engine? Just stop doing that.

Anyway, there are some other types of YouTube channels that are created by people in order to show themselves to the world wide web.


LOL Face

The channels with the comedic flow have been experiencing a recent increase in popularity. Their authors are mostly choosing one topic to talk about, or rather to throw some diss on, with the comic hint, of course. It`s entertaining, especially when there has been a notable rise of female comediennes on YouTube.

It`s good to find something that makes you laugh and to find that special person who understands your daily struggles and makes jokes about them, so you will not feel excluded. However, there are some massive problems with these channels.

If you look carefully enough, you`ll see that those YouTubers use a huge deal of mind tricks in order to make you click that subscribe button. You will find them very relatable, you will see yourself in their sketches. Are they talking about weird neighbors? Oh, wow, the same thing is happening to me as well.

Besides, some sarcastic YouTubers were even called sexist or racist for their “ironic comments” on something that was supposed to make everybody laugh. Well, it didn`t.

What We Don`t Know About You Yet

I get it, guys, watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” may be one of those guilty pleasures, but there is definitely no need to follow their path to the fame. Or whatever that is. Exposing your whole life in every day vlogs doesn`t sound like a perfectly good idea. According to psychologists, people who deliberately put their lives under a close scrutiny (like participating in a reality-show) might have certain insecurities and self-worth issues.

On the bright side though, there are a lot of people out there, for whom YouTube was the last hope of making sense of their lives. The story of Lilly Singh, for example, who is an insanely popular Canadian YouTuber, proves that the Internet can actually give you some sort of therapeutic effect.

Before she started posting videos, she was deeply depressed and even had suicidal thoughts. However, one day she decided that YouTube is going to get her out of that pit of self-destruction. So, vlogs can actually help people feel better about themselves. It may work like a session of psychotherapy where you tell about your worries and problems. Except it`s for the whole world to watch.

Daily vlogs of people who walk their dogs, drink their morning coffees, drive to work, meanwhile filming each and every remotely relevant details of their lives, are just meant to go non-existent. Dear planet Earth co-habitants, unless there is something really interesting and exciting in your lives, stop uploading your daily nonsense.

Just Put It back in the Box

Only two words here, guys, unwrapping videos. Only two questions: Why? And why on earth? The videos where people are opening the boxes or unwrapping the packages to see what`s inside are taking YouTube over. Some of them have hundreds of millions of views. No kidding.

I`ve tried watching one of the most popular ones. A couple of minutes I couldn`t understand what people found so fascinating about it. The most interesting thing that caught my eye was that all “professional YouTube unwrappers” are doing their best to make their hands look as fancy as possible.

Well, at least it`s logical. You can only see their hands in those videos. All the jewelry, three rings on every finger, and some intricate manicures. This is your pattern to success on YouTube. Now go find something to unwrap.

YouTube is an amazing platform with multiple opportunities for talented people. Of course, there are many more types of channels, like pranksters and coverers. Those are the people who cover songs, you got it, right? Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber, and Shawn Mendes became popular thanks to YouTube and we see good signs in that only.

This article was written by Ian

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