A Wrong Profession: Press the “Undo” Button

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There is this one decision in life that scares the hell out of you. You can do no wrong. It will define everything, it will have a major impact on each action you are going to take in future. Then the doubt comes and you never know for sure. This is absolutely ridiculous that they made you choose while you were so young, naive and inexperienced.

And you made the wrong choice. Of course, dude, getting a pistachio ice-cream instead of a lemon one! What were you even thinking? Did you really believe that I was going to talk to you about such serious stuff as career choice or profession decision? Ha! You don`t know who you`re dealing with.

On a more serious note though, I don`t know if it`s even remotely possible to make a choice for your entire life basing on the experience you have turning 17. What kind of experience is it? Ok, you know how to open a bottle of beer with your eye. How is that going to help you?

It`s only natural that young people start questioning their career decision while being at university. What is more, it sometimes happens that university encourages these thoughts. False expectations that students may cover themselves can be just a bubble and first year of studying will burst this bubble.

A Big Time Rom Com Lover?

Indiana Jones

When you enter the university, you`re around seventeen. What have you seen in this life? Can you be responsible for your own decisions? Umm, nope. I remember it myself. Being all proud of getting away from parents. I had that feeling for about first couple of minutes after I was left by myself on a campus. The next couple of hours were all tears.

Young people in their teens are usually living wearing the pink glasses. Unfortunately, when they choose their future profession, they forget to take them off. Students tend to over-romanticize certain occupation and they don`t really see that there are so many pitfalls in any field of study.

Let`s take a look at the profession of an archeologist, for instance. According to a social study, this occupation carries the biggest number of misconceptions within. Guess, what do young people have in mind when they are planning to be archeologists? Movies! Seriously, you people?

They are guided by the franchises about Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, and mummies. In real life, the profession of archeologists is usually very demanding, exhausting, responsible, and monotonous. You spend long hours studying historical data in libraries and archives, then trying to find the possible place of artifacts burials.

You also need to get the permission from the government to do your research because there is a big chance that the hole you are willing to dig in the ground can be covered by a mall, a parking lot, or even a residential building. Some archeologists say that they go weeks without a shower and hot food while being at the site of excavations. A lot may call this adventurous, but even more would call it gross.

So, if you have a romantic personality, you might have exaggerated the benefits of your future occupation. Take a hard look at that field you are going to be a pro in and find out about its pros and cons with a clear realistic view.

What Does Future Have for Us?

Imagine yourself in five years. No, hold on, this is a bad idea, actually. According to psychology, youngsters these days tend to stay infantile much longer. Imagine yourself in ten years. Do you think you`re going to be good at your job? Do you think your career will be successful? Will every working day be a torture for you?

When we are studying a certain field, we have at least vague understanding what are we supposed to do in order to get to the top, what our job description is. Usually, people who have little doubt in their future profession see themselves as professionals, as important guys in the industry. And I say “little doubt” here because you are never sure about this for a hundred percent.

Did you know that it`s really hard for your brain to distinguish reality from your imagination? Every picture that is being born in your head, every action which flashes in your thoughts like movies can be perceived by your brain as reality. Besides, that`s why your dreams sometimes seem so vivid, they are projections of your subconscious.

The way you imagine yourself in future can program your brain to take all the action to get you to that goal. If you feel like the faculty or the university choice is plain wrong, you may unwittingly sabotage your studying because your brain simply doesn`t see the sense of it.

Dig Deeper

To figure out whether the choice of career path was right, try to focus on the core of the problem. How come you entered this university in the first place? Was it your parents who were pushing you towards this decision? It`s pretty common when our folks wishing the very best for us are trying to make major life decisions for their kids.

Such professions as a doctor or a lawyer are considered to be the most reliable and prestigious. For some reason. Can you imagine what might happen if all of us become doctors and lawyers? So, parents may push you towards this occupation against your will and you may not even notice it.

Perhaps, your choice was based solely on what you are good at. ‘This is a nice elephant you draw! You should become an artist!’ There is a big chance you`re multi-talented person and you should develop all the aspects of your personality to find out what you really want.

You have to make up your own mind and ask yourself: ‘Is it just a fleeting impulse of self-doubt or I`m really doing something wrong in my life?’ Waking up every day and do something you absolutely hate is the fastest way to get all those wrinkles and get rid of a smile. Self-digging is never fun, but it is a necessary evil.

This article was written by Ian

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