Writing a Book: If Kendall and Kylie Did That, Then You Should Too

Once Upon a Time Book

Applause, and more applause, and now they are whistling and throwing packs of money at you. What a masterpiece! This is definitely going to be on the big screen! Should we call Martin Scorsese or Christopher Nolan right now? Don`t forget about Leo DiCaprio, he might use another Oscar for starring in this.

Isn`t that how aspiring writers think about their future destiny? Fame, money, and love from the audience. You know, who to blame for all of this? J. K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, and Dan Brown, of course! Back in the day, the authors weren`t the celebrities. They kept their lives private and nobody knew how they looked.

Now with the unmeasurable power of big screen and television, they show up at talk-shows and buy the houses for millions and millions of dollars. Or, perhaps, you want to be one of those writers who blossom in fame after their death? Everybody will be talking about how they should have recognized you before?

No, your vanity will not be able to survive this, so you`d rather stick to the first option. And no blame on you, that`s what I would have chosen, duh. However, a lot of youngsters or even people with wide and rich life experience don`t go further than the dreams when it comes to writing their own story. What are the odds it will be successful?

Get Your Lower Back Area From the Sofa!

Wall of Quotes

Or stay put right there, but get the laptop and start writing immediately. Did you know that J.K. Rowling was writing the last parts of Harry Potter story using the typewriter? She didn`t want to use anything that could be connected to the Internet because she was afraid that the plot would be stolen.

If you are new to this, you may just chill out. At first stages of your career of a great author, there is a little risk that someone will be interested in your drafts. However, don`t forget about the copyright after finishing writing a book. The lawsuits that might come later on are usually absolutely hectic.

If you expect me to motivate you to write the next masterpiece in the literary world, then I`m not your fella here. Do you need motivation? Google some memes with inspirational quotes, print them, pin them on your wall and go ahead. I don`t know, though, my roommate had all these powerful quotes about hardworking and how it pays off. It must work apparently, but I think it largely depends on a person. If internal motivation from yourself solely isn`t enough for you, then look up the help from Dalai Lama, Bill Gates or whose else quotes inspire you.

Juice It up with Some Psychology

I`m here to give you advice rather than motivation. If you want to write a book and have already come up with the idea what`s it`s going to be about, never tell it to anybody. Do you hear me clear? (Oh, right, you can actually read me) It`s not about the fact that someone may steal your idea, though it may happen as well.

There is this whole psychological trick in it. And yes, this is scientifically proven. Turns out that when you tell somebody about your plans, but not like: “Oh, I`m going to the beach this Saturday”, it`s about the future big achievements and ideas, the moment you spill your guts, for some reason your brain loses interest in achieving that goal.

Yes, this is so weird but this is true. I`ve always thought our brains were smarter than that. When nobody knows what you`re working on, you will get to the final destination faster. Besides, by keeping your mouth shut, you`ll be able to avoid questions like “When are you going to finish your book?”, “How many chapters have you already written?”, “What if nobody wants to read your story?”. So put a lock on those pretty lips of yours.

Organizing Your Thoughts. Wow, That`s a Tough One!

George R.R. Martin

Maybe you`ve been carrying an idea of writing a book though your whole life and you have even given the names to your characters and figured out their life paths. I teeny-tiny request here from me: please don`t you ever kill your characters like George R.R. Martin does, I was literally in tears when (MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT) one of the dragons was killed. What? Don`t say I didn`t warn you.

You kill people in your story? That`s tolerable. You kill animals? How dare you and burn in hell. Moving on. It can be that you`ve come up with this whole writing idea just recently and still is trying to put two and two in the storyline.

The best advice will be given to you not by me, but by the world famous authors. I won`t even tell their names because it will take part 2 and 3 of this article. But all of them when asked what has inspired them to start writing and what advice would they give to beginners, answered: the other books. It`s crucial to read as much as possible in order to get familiar with various writing techniques, usage of tropes and language tricks to keep the readers hooked.

You learn how to write from the other books, from the other authors. Books develop your imagination, you start coming up with the storylines in your head and it all turns into a beautiful literary creation. Just go for it. Seriously, just go for it. Some use writing as therapeutic effect to get away from the daily routine and some just want to create stories with a specific purpose (Winnie the Pooh story was written this way).


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