I`m Walking on Sunshine and Other Opportunities of Walking Everywhere


Ok, I`ve got to make a promise to myself, if I manage to get to that tree, I`ll buy myself a huge elephant-size pizza and tons of chocolate. OMG, chocolate would be so on point right now. What`s the purpose of inventing all these various means of transport if you have to cover all the distances on feet because of traffic jams?

Hello there, LA fellas, I know your pain and it`s absolutely worthless to spend so many hours in traffic while you could have already been with your family at home, drinking the fifth glass of wine. I think I know the solution to that. I know, it may sound insane but it is worth a shot. How about you try getting to different places using … your two feet.

Yeah, I did warn you that this was a crazy idea but hold, just hold on here for a while. It`s enough that I`ve lost half of my American readers by now. Apparently, nobody likes walking in the states. They prefer using their own cars, an Uber or the car of their friends who are absolutely done with giving them the rides.

That`s probably because you had no idea how beneficial simple walking can be for you. I`ve started walking instead of using the public transport around half a year ago and I`ve got to admit (wow, this turns out to be a confession story, definitely what I didn`t mean it to be) walking did change my life in a very positive way.

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Just walk, use your legs to get from a place to a place and become healthier and healthier. Yes, it`s that simple. People are meant to walk. If you look into our anatomy, it becomes clear that the structure of our muscles, the shape of our spine and the form of our legs are designed for long-distance walking. Actually, we were created to run as well, perhaps even more to run than to walk. But let`s take baby steps in becoming health pros, all right?

Simply walking for at least one hour per day will boost your energy for the whole day. Yes, you heard me right, it boosts your energy, though it may seem like it is supposed to do vice versa. The key here is the air that gets into your lungs more while walking. Therefore, your muscles and brain get more oxygen. However, if you live in a metropolis, then I think you will have a hard time finding some oxygen.

What is more, it can get your creative thinking right on track. Need some brilliant ideas but you`re absolutely stuck? Go outside, take a walk, you`ll be surprised how many interesting places are there in your neighborhood. A little advice from me based on the personal experience, before you go out, just look in the fridge. There is a chance you need some groceries for your thinking cap, so take the destination to the local convenient store.

Your heart will become stronger and regular walking will reduce the risk of heart diseases significantly. Add a healthy diet and you`ll lose weight without any harm to your well-being. Your immune system will be more than thankful because it will get all the mojo to kill the monstrous microbes and viruses. If you spend a lot of time outside when it`s cold, your body accommodates to those temperatures and you`ll be less likely to get sick.

Those Calves Though

Do you want to be a girl Ed Sheeran sings “I`m in love with the shape of you” to? What a stupid question. Who doesn`t, well, duh! Guess what, that`s what walking is for. It will turn your body into the fit goddess. Walking is the most natural exercise in the world. You don`t need a gym membership to do that.

You don`t have to dedicate too much time and effort for this type of exercise. And if you`re a student, then on a more important note, you don`t have to spend a dime on this. That`s what I call a win-win. Psychologists suggest that a lot of people won`t go to the gym simply because they are afraid to start a new activity of this kind.

You walk into the gym, you see all those fit and slim people who are casually exercising striving for perfection though they already look like they`ve just come down from Olympus. And there is you in a Sponge Bob T-shirt and see-through yoga-pants being all lost with puppy eyes. How do you even approach this exercise equipment? Oops, it`s meant to train your arms so you are not supposed to lie down on it.

Here this feeling of frustration and a bit of shame that you have no idea how to use all of this. But you don`t have to learn how to walk. You`ve already done that being a 2-year-old and hopefully you don`t remember that time. Walking as much as you can will not give you DOMs, you may have the sore feet at the end of the day, but as soon as you get used to walking, you`ll never feel any kind of discomfort.

I Take Care of You, Mama Planet Earth

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Your own two feet is an ecological means of transportation. The only fuel it needs is food. And that`s the best fuel in the world! Though I can`t say the cheapest one, well, it largely depends on your tastes. What I found about walking as an additional bonus is that you can always rely on your legs.

There will be no traffic jams, you can easily maneuver in the streets. You know that feeling about public transportation that you can never dress accordingly to the weather. It`s always hot in the buses when it`s snow outside and it`s freezing cold when it`s hell in the streets. You can forget about those problems by simply choosing walking as your way of moving around town.

Of course, there are some cons of walking that you need to consider before switching to it. You`ll have to say a big no-no to your heels, it`s not always possible because of weather conditions, it`s a much slower way to get from a place to place (that`s what bicycles were invented for). Let`s just walk more, please people. You`ll see that you are feeling better, you keep fit and you have a chance to show off your new dress to more people.

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