Video Games: Click the Buttons Faster, You Obsessed Mess!

Video Games

Welcome to the world of nerds! No, I`m kidding. Nowadays the industry of video games is so widespread that you are actually considered to be a weirdo if you don`t play them. I had no idea there are so many variations of them: for any age, sex, profession, occupation.

Can you believe that there are even dating web sites aimed specifically at people who are in an obsession with video games? Well, it does make a lot of sense. If two gamers meet, they already have a massive thing in common, so they instantly click and become besotted with one another.

If we look at some social survey data, we`ll see that the number of people who play video games has been rapidly growing during the last couple of years. There are several explanations of that tendency. Actually, they work altogether, but some predominate in a specific life situation.

3D VS Reality. Can You Tell Them?

Sims Graphics

What Hollywood needs nowadays to make a great epic movie is a couple of actors in ridiculous outfits and around a hundred of meters of green screen canvas. All the work is laden on special effects and computer graphics guys. The same is with video games.

With the rapid growth of modern technology and visual effects, no wonder that the games have become a massive hit among the youngsters. They are bright, vivid, close to reality and a lot of them now are even in 3D! Your brain is blown away by the quality of the image.

Our eyes are built that way so we could distinguish as many colors as possible. In early stages of humans` development, it was extremely useful to tell the poisonous berry from the edible one basing on its color. Now when our eyes see such bright contrasting color in a video game, they basically get addicted to a picture like that.

Come Here, I`ll Give You a Candy

Mario Game

The video games producers are not just creating massive time-consumers, but they are seriously messing with our brains as well. In the world of marketing, everything has its purpose and its reason. Every advertising technique is being put under a close scrutiny and the development can take years and years.

People spend a lot of money on video games, so the marketers have the task to make people spend even more on various exclusive swords and super powers that you buy online in order to win a certain game. They trick our reward system in a brain to do so.

I will not tell what part of our brain is responsible for addictions, pleasure, and rewards because its name has 6 words in it! All right, I`ll tell you: cortico-basal ganglia-thalamo-cortical loop. Yep, I warned you. The points you get while playing a computer game (like coins) stimulate your reward center, you get the feeling of accomplishment and you get addicted to that feeling.

What is more, the sound effects that game developers are adding to their creations (like those dings you get after reaching a certain goal in a game) are messing with your brain as well. It`s basically a Pavlov`s dog situation, only the subject of an experiment is you.

I Don`t Like It Here, Let`s Go to Narnia

A real everyday world in absolutely hectic. Who wouldn`t want to become a superhero or a warrior princess at least for some time? That`s what video games have for us to offer. Here you are an average student with mediocre ambitions and absolutely no idea what you are going to do after the graduation.

And there you are a fearless warlord-conqueror with armies of soldiers and gorgeous nymphs by your side. Playing a computer game you might get the feeling that you are falling out from reality, you are losing track of time, and, perhaps, you may be even missing out on some real interesting important events around you. Do you remember “The Big Bang Theory” episode where Penny gets addicted to video games and turns into a hot mess monster who never leaves the house, doesn`t care about her personal hygiene and people around her? Yeah, keep that episode in mind, please.

Belittling a positive impact of playing video games was never a part of my plan. And, yes, there is a massive positive influence of all these fantasy wizards, warriors, and magic creatures. A person who is playing video games tends to have more developed imagination, have faster reactions and even better memory. However, this is true only if you play in moderation.


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