Using Emojis: Science Gives Them Big Thumbs Up


What is the emoji that you use the most? Gosh, there are tons and ton of them. Have you ever had this moment when you have to reply to a message real quick but you are completely stuck and have no idea what emoticon will represent your emotion more precisely?

Coming back to the first question. I use the kissy face all the time. You know, the one that has the duck face and the heart next to it? In all possible situations whether it`s appropriate or not. I just feel like it will make the person happier and they will continue their day with a smile. But nope, when your professor who shares the vibe of “The Devil Wears Prada” character asks you via text message why you still didn`t pass that essay, it`s a bad idea to send her a kissy face. Trust me, guys, I learned it the hard way.

When a cable company sends me a message that their guy will come at a certain time to make my Internet work, guess what do I reply to them? Sadly, yes, it`s a kissy face. Wow, I should really stop doing that. Anyway, have you ever noticed that the conversation without emojis instantly turns into some high-profile discussion?

It`s no longer two friends who are discussing what pub they will choose tonight, no. It starts to look like a business meeting arrangement. This world needs some more love and kindness, so use emojis, for heaven`s sake. Scientists say they are good for your relationships with people.

One Emoji with Sunglasses and You`re Besties

Sunglasses Emoji

It`s sad to admit that people are no longer interacting with each other in real life. There are some occasional conversations, obviously, but the actual human contact is missing. And the emoticons` purpose is to bring the reality vibe into texting.

Psychologists say that emojis help you to understand the interlocutor better. It`s easier to tell the sarcasm from the real meaning of the words. There are no mimics, gestures, and intonations displayed in texting so the emoticons save the day.

It`s just very practical when you write something stupid, then realize that it might even offend someone, so you send a laughing emoji after so it would seem like a joke. To be honest, I got used to these yellow faces in my phone so much, that if a person is sending me a message without them I get a feeling that they are mad at me with something. And I can`t even figure out why.

Emotions are very important in our lives. People need the feedback, the contact with others no matter how harshly they deny it. At the end of the day, we are the social animals so emoticons are serving as a certain substitute of a real life interaction. And this is good! Not the part where people are forgetting how to talk to each other but the part where we at least have emojis to express our feelings.

Surprisingly Enough, the Horn Emoji Is Working

A particularly curious observation was conducted by scientists in which they wanted to find the patterns of sending the emojis and how they influence the outcome of the conversation. They were keeping a close eye on some text messages from Tinder. The best opportunity to see the human mating process through the pictures.

Turns out, people who use a lot of emoticons (sometimes way too much that can be rather annoying because, sweetie, it`s not like we are the cavemen who have to use pictures in order to communicate) tend to be more open, sincere and flirty. The psychologists even have found the pattern between the number of emoticons and the lucky ending of the dates who met on Tinder. And by that they meant sex.

So apparently using the smiley faces will help you to get it going with Netflix&Chill. But stop showering everyone with emoticons. First, you`ve got to read this article till the end, then you`re free to go. I gave you all information from that research you needed.

A LOL Emoji to Your Boss? I Don`t Think So

Scientists have also proved that using pictures to express your emotions in work email will lead you to no good. If it`s a group chat and everyone is replying with a short and clear “Yes”, “Of course”, “In a minute”, but your messages look like a gist to the “Inside Out” animated movie, then nobody is going to take you seriously.

It`s like a dress code in a company where there is actually no official dress code. You are allowed to wear whatever you want but everybody is still sticking to the business style of clothes. And there is this guy who is wearing the funny socks with the snowman Olaf pictured all over them and a Hawaiian shirt. Quite an ensemble!

Technically he isn`t breaking any rules but everybody is questioning his competence at his job. The same is with emoticons situations. They should be omitted in business correspondence. Unless you`re a boss yourself, in which case, just cheer up the spirit of the team by sending a few thumbs up.

I`m a big fan of emoticons. This whole article would be flooded with them if only Word had those. By the way, have you noticed how many new pictures are created every day? Kardashians have their own emoticons, Ellen DeGeneres has come up with the whole line of those. I bet that if students were to create their own series of emojis, there would be a sleepy one, a very sleepy one, and more stressed out faces. And not even one of them would be smiley.

This article was written by Ian

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