University Degrees: Yes, Celebrities Got Them Too

An Academic Hat

Celebrities… They are just like us. It`s just that they are rich, famous, talented, and beautiful. But in all other aspects… I think I don`t entirely understand the meaning of the phrase “just like us”. Anyway, we may not lead a lifestyle of a star, but we can actually relate to them!

Some of the “creme de la creme” performers were also spending nights preparing to exams and pulling the all-nighters in order to get to the next level in this game of higher education. Perhaps, it wasn`t so hard for actors to remember all those paragraphs after learning by heart kilometers of lines for the role. Let`s see who are those Hollywood smarty pants are.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Tell me one thing this woman doesn`t have. Gorgeous looks? Check! Talent? An Oscar, a Bafta, and two Golden Globes, so yep, it`s a check! A degree in Harvard University? She has it as well. Natalie Portman did research on “Frontal Lobe Activation During Object Permanence: Date from Near-Infrared Spectroscopy” and contributed to the paper on that topic. Don`t even ask me what that means. You can Google it if you are patient enough.

With me, it`s not the case. When I was looking into the meaning of those words I had to look for the meaning of the bunch of other words which explained the previous ones. So, the long story short, I ended up traveling from link to link on Wikipedia until I forgot why I entered that site in the first place.

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow

We all remember this actress for her role of eccentric and impulsive Phoebe Buffay from the legendary classy sitcom “Friends”. Her character wasn`t so bright in the aspect of knowledge or at least remotely logical life decisions. Lisa Kudrow, on the other hand, is an incredibly smart woman with a uni degree in neurological science.

Before getting on acting career path, she has been helping her father with the research which was studying the nature of headaches. Take that, quirky Phoebe Buffay. The song about a smelly cat was pretty genial though.

Rowan Atkinson

Hollywood seems to be seriously messed up if it proposes the roles of dummies to Einstein-IQ-level actors. What character traits you`d say Mr. Bean possesses? Whatever they are, intelligence is definitely not one of them. Maybe, Rowan Atkinson has found his alter-ego in that role?

Perhaps, it was somehow challenging from an acting perspective to play a character who is so different than you. Or he was just really in need of cash when he was auditioning. Who knows?

Mr. Bean, sorry, Mr. Atkinson is non-other that an Oxford graduate with a master`s degree in engineering. This is the title that Sheldon Cooper might not like, but we all are taking our hats to this multi-talented bright actor.

Mayim Bialik

We should name one who is smart on screen and in real life, shouldn`t we? One of “The Big Bang Theory” beloved characters Amy is portrayed by this actress who is, in fact, has a lot in common with her heroine. Doctor Fowler is a neurobiologist, meanwhile, Doctor Bialik has a degree in this respectable field as well – she`s got a Ph.D. in neuroscience.

On one of the talk shows the actress revealed that she`d got the line about her degree in neuroscience in her actor`s resume. However, she put her title under miscellaneous because Mayim had no idea where else to put it.

You will never guess what her specific field of interest is! Before auditioning for the role of Amy Farrah Fowler, Mayim became a specialist in obsessive-compulsive disorder in adolescence.

Cindy Crawford

Beauty and the brain. This is the mix that I call a perfect woman. There is a disgustingly absurd stereotype circulating in the fashion industry that models are (how can I put this gently?) not the most intelligent people out there. This myth is widespread mainly because somehow good looks and smart brains do not match up in the eyes of society.

Besides, in most cases, girls start modeling being in their early teens and hectic working schedules don`t even allow them to finish high school. But it`s not like million-dollar earning top-models are bothered by any of those facts.

Anyway, let`s get back to Mrs. Cindy Crawfard – one of the most successful and legendary models in the industry. Despite the fact that she didn`t finish her study at Northwestern University, but she did earn an academic scholarship. The former supermodel was eager to study chemical engineering before dropping off to pursue her career in the fashion business. And it turned out to be a good deal.

Brian May

Sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, and physics, baby! Stop Googling the name of Brian May, right now. If you know him, welcome to the “Queen” fan club, dears. If you don`t, close your Internet search line, he is a hairy curly dude who is, despite the respectable age, rocking it with his guitar.

He may look like a professor from Hogwarts from some angle and it`s because he does have a degree. However, it`s quite opposite to the magic, he is a real prof in astrophysics. Yes, the guitarist and author of many immortal legendary “Queen” hits is also known for his works in the complicated world of science.

He has a Ph.D. in astrophysics from a prestigious Imperial College London. What is more, besides writing such songs as “The Show Must Go On” and “We Will Rock You”, he co-wrote two scientific books on the origins of the universe. He was even introduced as science team collaborator at NASA.

Emma Watson

Well, you all have heard about this girl. Beautiful, talented and smart. What`s not to love about her? And all Harry Potter fans will now go with: “Yey!”. Emma Watson does have a degree in English literature from Brown University. In fact, the actress started studying while in the middle of the shooting of a story about a boy wizard.

She was taking a class in English literature and even had to skip one term due to being involved in film making process. But we can`t blame her for that. Because nobody in the entire world would portrait Hermione Granger better than her.

Sharon Stone

Quite a list of gorgeous ladies here, huh? Get that, stereotypes. An American actress is sure a professional when it comes to Hollywood and to her studying abilities. Tell me, please, what were you doing at the age of 15? Trying all kinds of new fun stuff we are not going to name here simply because kids might be reading this.

What did Sharon Stone do when she turned 15? She was awarded with the scholarship of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. The actress accepted it and started studying creative writing and fine arts, which undoubtedly helped her in her future career of a movie star.

Sharon Stone didn`t graduate though. She decided that modeling career would bring her much more success and fortune, so she dropped out of university and moved to New York. It did turn out well for this girl, but, please, think twice before planning on following her steps.

An actress has an IQ of 154, which is absolutely impressive. With such result, she had a chance to join Mensa – a highly privileged society with the highest IQ in the world. In fact, its members have higher intelligence quotient than 98% of people in the entire world!

James Franco

Ladies` favorite man in Hollywood has a pretty hard working thinking cap. An actor has a master`s degree in poetry and… a bunch of other degrees, actually. If you look into the list of the universities and colleges he attended, you`ll see seven of them. Quite impressive, huh?

However, he is usually seen by media as the guy who “wants attention”, but not really the one who likes to study or wants to get a proper education. James Franco has denied all these accusations, saying that he just “likes to go to school”.

Some of the celebrity media outlets regularly publish their own lists of “the smartest celebrities”. Though they do omit the fact of education. It`s logical because whether you have a university degree or not, it doesn`t necessarily determine whether you are smart or not so much.

Quentin Tarantino, for example, is usually presented as the smartest celebrity in Hollywood and allegedly has an IQ of 160. This puts him near world famous physicist Stephen Hawking. A movie director didn`t even graduate from high school! Apparently, in those artistic and entertaining professions, a university diploma is just a piece of paper. Or plastic. There are so many variations of them.


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