Is Unemployment a Present-Day Issue? Ideas for Your Essay

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As we explained in the previous article, modern medicine includes lots of topical problems which have to be solved with taking into account technological progress and present-day conditions. The sphere of employment has several important issues which should also be tackled as quickly as possible. In many countries, they take an extremely significant place, but the government cannot take any necessary and effective measures to solve them.

So, we present a sample of an essay on the topic of unemployment and describe effective strategies to solve this problem. It is a great possibility not just to improve your knowledge on this subject but also to create your own work about it.

Types of This Problem

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It is true that the problem of unemployment can be divided into several parts. The major factor of this sorting is the reason for this issue. Although this phenomenon is extremely spread in different countries, both rich to developing and poor, there are some different causes for it. Below we are describing the major types of unemployment which have a bad effect on any country’s well-being.

Voluntary Decision

Some people voluntarily prefer to stay unemployed and have no desire to work. They may live on wages paid by the state which let them survive for several months. It seriously damages the economy of a certain country. The reasons why people make such a decision are different. In most cases, they simply cannot find a suitable workplace where a good salary and working conditions are offered. Sometimes they lack skills or qualification in order to get a well-paid position and do not want to be a blue-collar worker at the same time.

Chronic Unemployment

This type is more global, and it usually spreads across the whole country or its particular region. Hence, its economy sphere suffers a lot. In addition, the living conditions of citizens are poor in general, as the majority of people are unemployed and have to live on a small budget which consists of wages from the state. The main causes of this type are mainly overpopulation, slow development of the country, lack of technology and so on.

Frictional Unemployment

One more significant type of unemployment is frictional unemployment, which means that offered vacancies and workers cannot get together. Fortunately, it is a temporary thing. The possible solution is to spread information about job opportunities, provide better conditions for work and so on. A good representative of such type of unemployment is a worker who leaves one job and does not have until he or she finds a better position.

Technological Unemployment

In the modern world, this type of unemployment takes a crucial place as technology and machines are becoming more and more widespread even in the poorly developed countries. As the needs of humanity are growing, the industry should produce more goods including food, clothes and other necessary items. It is impossible for an ordinary worker to cope with such demand. The manual job is becoming less effective as it is much slower than the simplest machine and computer, which can do the same things but twice faster. This type of unemployment is typical not only for big factories but also for education, medicine, social sphere, and other fields of human activity. It is truly hard to reduce it, as manual work and its productiveness demand more money than their machine analogs.

Why Does It Matter a Lot?

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According to some reliable social surveys, unemployment is the most significant problem which any country can face today. Even healthcare issues take the second place. This proves that even ordinary citizens see the negative dynamic in the increase of the level of employed people who are satisfied with their jobs.

So, their number is constantly decreasing which negatively influences the economy of the whole country and living conditions of each citizen. Statistics proves that every year the situation is becoming worse and worse. Unfortunately, humanity has not yet invented an effective strategy to cope with this problem. In most cases, poor social policies, lack of support from the government and some factors which we have already mentioned lead to unemployment, which is a difficult issue to tackle.

To sum up, it is essential to develop a strategy to reduce unemployment, as it can completely change the situation for the better and provide brilliant living conditions for all citizens. Which plan should be followed in order to overcome this problem? It is quite simple.

  • First of all, the problem should be thoroughly analyzed. In order to find an effective solution, it is essential to find its main causes.
  • Then, according to the dominating type of unemployment and its causes, some crucial measures should be taken. Sure, it is impossible to overcome such an issue in a moment and a lot of time is needed for this process.
  • The results should be controlled in order to understand if the taken methods are efficient. In case the outcomes of a certain step are worse than they were expected to be, the mistakes should be detected immediately. It is necessary to change to the policy and therefore to improve the strategy.

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