Essay on Transgender Fashion Is Making Itself Comfortable in Society

Transgender Fashion

Let’s make our biology teachers proud. Come on, all together, guys! You must remember this from your classes even if you were half asleep all the time during those life-saving lessons. Now, most of you must think: ‘What do you want from us, you weird creature?’ Sorry guys, but I was literally obsessed with biology classes back at school.

So taking into consideration that I’m a freak-ISH mixture of both science geek and fashion obsessed weirdo, I feel like I’m more than qualified to get my nose into this topic. No worries! Of course, respectable and trustworthy sources of information will be used in this article. AKA me. Just kidding.

The nature of transgenderism is very complicated. And just now we are getting to the first question of this article. See, how far I dragged your attention, huh? Did you know that initially a few weeks right after impregnation all people are the females? Yep, technically, all those creatures covered in disgusting mama-belly jello become males by an accident because nature wants them to be that way. Well, we kind of need those, right?

But what if nature is wrong? We’ve seen that situation multiple times before. We’ve seen genetic mutations and horrific diseases. Can’t these be called mistakes of Mother nature? For now, it doesn’t look like that she has any desire to correct those wrongdoings. So that’s the work for an almighty human being.

You must have heard about this phenomenon as hermaphroditism. It’s a condition of a body when a person has both male and female sexual characteristics. In this case, that’s for parents to decide who they want more a boy or a girl, then surgeons will make it real. Though it may sound like a good opportunity to choose the sex of your child rather than just cross your fingers and wait for the results of the ultrasound but this is an incredibly serious condition, sometimes even a life threatening one.

So if nature hasn’t made its mind yet on the topic of the gender of human beings, why would we?

What does this wide spreading tendency of accepting transgender people as equals have to do with fashion? Actually, fashion is one of the major stations where this train of social acceptance is going to stop at. By the way, the final destination of this train is all-in-all love and kindness.

Floral Male Jacket

Nowadays fashion trends say to us that there are no more significant differences between sexes. Women have won their right to wear the trousers quite some time ago (but still in terms of the existence of humanity it’s been a teeny-tiny period that women are ALLOWED to wear whatever they want).

However, the major problem that was still making society suffocate under the weight of its own stereotypes, is this situation. When a woman is wearing a business suit, strict jackets or anything that is traditionally strongly associated with men outfit, they are not being judged that much, right? We have gotten used to it and this is great, this means progress.

Men, on the other hand, are being severely and brutally judged when they wear some clothes that give them a stereotypical feminine look. Any floral patterns, pink or nude colors, silky materials are not considered to be acceptable for men.

And thank goodness, this is changing now. Through the past couple of years, the tendency of transgenderism has found its bright representation in the haute-couture collections of the biggest and the most influential designers. Looking at modern T-shirts and jeans there is a little chance that you’ll guess whether it’s meant to be for men or for women. Point is, it doesn’t really matter anymore.

If you haven’t heard about the most controversial story about this particular issue which included Gigi Hadid’s and Zayn Malik’s Vogue cover, then you’ve been clearly living under a rock. And I don’t judge you. The fashion world for some people may seem too complicated and for some – too insignificant. Either way, the story itself is pretty interesting so here it goes.

A couple of superstars were making a photoshoot with a thought in mind to show that clothes can be gender neutral. In the pictures, they were posing wearing similar colorful floral patterned jackets. They were attached to their interview where Gigi said that she sometimes just takes some clothes from Zayn’s closet. And the response from the Internet users was so massive.

People were outraged because they were sure it’s not what the term “gender neutral” is all about. It’s not about clothes, it’s about equality, acceptance, freedom and positive attitude. Fashion is just the surface of this problem. Though it’s good to see that it participates in the process of making the world more open-minded.

Undoubtedly, fashion is one of the most influential spheres of people’s daily lives. Fashion makes you feel included and if it’s making a point about the transgender issue, it will may help those people to feel included as well.

This article was written by Ian

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