Talking to Yourself: Knock, Knock, Who`s Where?

Talking to Yourself

There are a lot of ways I could have started this article. All these variants were going round and round in my head until it hit me. Actually, that other person who lives inside me hit me. Oops, wrong, it may sound like I`m pregnant which is not the case. I meant the other “me” who sits inside my head and spills the ideas.

Can this be considered to be cheating? Does this mean that I have a split personality? Freud was sure that there are three people inside each and every one of us. Three personalities to be exact. Id, Ego, and Superego. They are developing, growing and substitute one another due to the development of a human as an individual.

A Good Side of the Crazy

So it`s okay to talk to yourself because there are a few of you inside your head? It`s often believed that talking to yourself out loud may be a symptom of some psychological or even psychiatric disorder. Does it have to do anything with truth at all?

Firstly, before jumping into any rushy conclusions, you need to figure out who is this someone the person is talking to. If there is nobody in the room but you hear someone`s talking referring to themselves, you may sigh with relief, you are not surrounded by crazy people, so just relax. If that person is talking to someone imaginative, that`s a wake-up call.

Scientists conducted a major research on this subject. Turns out, that you actually should talk to yourself from time to time. A small note from me here though, try to do that while no one`s watching just to stay safe and far away from a loony bin.

When you`re in the middle of some creative activity or you`re doing something that requires a huge deal of concentration from you, neurobiologists claim that talking to yourself aloud helps you to perform the tasks better.

It`s Always Pleasant to Talk to a Smart Person, Aka Yourself

I bet you`ve seen at least once in your lifetime a movie where a scientist while conducting a certain experiment is describing what he`s doing, is giving comments on the processes and record all of that information. They do that so they wouldn`t miss a single detail from the research. After all, any minor thing can be crucial when it comes to science.

Psychologists proved that when your brain is analyzing certain data and is giving the orders to the rest of organs, your verbal apparatus helps to compartmentalize all the information. When you think and speak out on what you`re thinking about, it may distinguish important ideas from the usual trash that is hoarding in our brains.

On top of that, if you say something out loud, there is a bigger chance you`re going to remember it. So feel free to talk to yourself if you need to find a solution to a certain problem and you don`t think any other human being will understand you as well as you will. It makes a lot of sense, actually.

This article was written by Ian

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