Free Solo or Dynamic Duo: Living by Yourself or with a Roommate?


It`s a tricky question especially when the whole situation depends on the financial status. You`re a student so it`s completely understandable. However, if you take a look at some campuses of the universities, you`ll see that the price for ruling in your kingdom/bedroom by yourself or with a co-ruler doesn`t differ that significantly.

It`s the whole other story with renting an apartment with your fellow student. Taking into consideration that a lot of students are the proud members of “We are so broke” community because of all the loans, let`s just suggest you`d stick with the campus. Sometimes living by yourself will actually pay off in the form of a stable mental health, low level of irritation and a zero desire to kill the human being that is living with you in one room.

I`m no expert but… Hold on, why am I not the expert? Quite the opposite actually. During years of my studying, I`ve been living with 4-5 people. Not at the same time obviously. You might have thought that I`m a handful and literally nobody can live with me. Not really.

Though I do have a confession to make: I`m a total hot mess but only because it`s my philosophy and I do believe that creative people are allowed to loosen up a bit when it comes to order in the room. The reason was that the administration of the campus was moving us around without our consent from term to term.

However, it did help a lot with my social skills, I learned how to deal with people even though you`re complete opposites, how to respect their privacy and how to steal their biscuits while they are asleep. I`m kidding about the last one. Or am I?

Now I`ll Even Make It Work for a Devil Himself

This is one of the reasons why you should get a roommate. Not the devil part, no worries. Though we did try to summon a demon once with my roomie. That`s what everybody thought. But we were just doing our voice training for the classes and it might seem a bit like a throat singing that comes from the underground world. Back to the topic!

It`s important to be able to get along with people even if you don`t like them, or their actions irritate you or you have absolutely nothing in common. It`s one of the crucial skills that you are definitely going to need in your future life. Especially when it comes to work environment. You can rarely choose whom you will work with (unless you`re a boss, in which case, congrats).

So dealing with other people`s quirky personalities is something that you`re going to learn while living with a roommate. There is a chance you don`t get to choose whom you`re going to live with and maybe that fact will draw your mind from an idea to live with someone else but accept it as a challenge.

We all are different, we all have strong personalities and, yes, we can be all stubborn and absolutely unbearable sometimes. But you know what? That`s what humans are like and there is no way you can avoid it later. The best skills of interaction with people, working on the problems, talking through the problems with a certain person you`ll get none other than on campus.

However, if you`re a complete lunatic like me and you have certain issues, you`d rather stay by yourself in a room. It`s weird and it drives me crazy but I know, a lot of you guys will relate so much to this. I have a really strong sensation of irritation when somebody is eating loudly next to me or when they are drinking and meanwhile making those loud noises that resemble the whale during the mating season.

Keep calm, bro, nobody`s taking that glass of water from you. You can actually drink it and not make sounds like somebody`s choking you. Just a friendly request. But I do realize that these are my issues and to other people, they seem minor so I would never tell my roommates about how I feel about their consummation habits. And it did help me to work on that and there is hardly anything that bothers me anymore. Speaking of…

You`re in a Big Bubble

After living on a campus with a roommate for at least couple of months, you`ll discover that you have now developed some major ninja/sensei/meditation guru skills. You can basically turn off your perception of the world made of sounds, smells, and lights. Yes, it will be loud sometimes, your roommate will have guests around from time to time. They will laugh, turn on the music, dance, take the shots and will most likely to get you engaged into activities like that.

It`s always a good thing to have some decent amount of fun, that`s what college years are for. But what if you have an important class tomorrow, what if you have to write an essay? Trust me, you`ll get used to all the disco balls in your room, R’n’B beats turned on as loud as possible, and all the smells that will come from the food or smoke.

It will be no longer an issue at all. If walls are pretty thin at your campus, you`ll be able to fall asleep to any noise on the planet. This really comes in handy when you have to calmly read a book in a public transport or fall asleep in a hostel while traveling. You`ll be able to easily concentrate and focus on any details even if your workplace is a total loud mess. And this all is thanks to your roommates at the campus.



Trust me, I know it myself, college roommate friendships are of the strong kind. You`ll get each other in so much trouble and you`ll get out each other from so much trouble. They are the ones who will see you without makeup being hungover and will spend their entire morning taking care of your pity self. By the way, when you`re sick you`re actually thankful you have a roommate because you`re so sad when you get sick and having a person around (who is wearing a medical mask because you are highly contagious) is really nice.

So these are the pros of choosing to have a roommate when you start your studying at college. I do know quite a few cons on this matter but I`ve got to say that campus is where I had the most emotional and brightest moments of my student years.

I now pronounce you a roommate and a roommate until the AC fight do you part. This is real, guys, there can be some serious disadvantages of having a roomie. Even if you`ve been through ice and fire together, there is still a big possibility that you will end up burning the bridges. Just don`t do that in a room, no fire is allowed on a campus.

They won`t even allow you to lit a candle. At least that`s happened to me once. I`ve never thought that it was humanly possible to scream at me so loudly. Nevertheless, having a roommate is a great experience which comes with certain pitfalls.

Yin and Yang (Is It Just Me, or It Sounds Funny?)

There is one thing that you and a person you live with may disagree on some aspects of your cohabitation. It can the temperature in the room, the time you wake up or can their friend to stay over. It`s natural, these are the issues that you`re going to face with probably any person you`ll live with. Even your future spouse. So learn from your mistakes now being young and stupid.

But it`s a totally different thing when a person turns out to a major … (I`m not allowed to use foul language here, guys, but you got the gist anyway, right?) You will try your best to be a decent human being, you`ll convince yourself that you love all the people and that we just will have to accept the differences we have.

No, don`t do that. You`ll fall a victim of their unapologetic disrespectful behavior. When you don`t like something about the atmosphere in your room, the only way to solve it is through a conversation. If you need to get some rest but your roommate is having the sixth all-night party in a row this week, then I have one particular word that describes that kind of behavior. But again, I won`t say it.

Sometimes you`ll have to look at the situation from another angle. Maybe it`s you are the one who is overreacting and over-dramatizing. You can`t make a monastery out of the room, turning it into a brothel is a bad idea as well. Cut the difference, discuss it with your roomie and you`ll be fine.

You have to work together, you have to find a solution, you have to compromise even if you don`t feel like it.

You`ve Got a Role of Keeping up with the Kardashians


Living with a roommate you have to be ready that your whole life is under a close scrutiny now just like a reality show 24/7. They`ll know when you leave and when you come back, who are your friends and the worst part, they`ll know that you called in sick while you actually were severely hungover and extra lazy that day.

If you are not in such a pleasant relationship with a person you live with, you`d better change that. Guess who is going to spread the rumors about you? And a lot of people will most be likely to believe it because they heard the info from a person who watches you a significant amount of time. It may seem a bit hard sometimes with all pressure, so if you`re a true introvert, paying some extra money for a separate room will worth it.

It`s this strange feeling that you can`t just totally relax even when you are at home. And yes, you will call campus your home soon enough. Can you be your true self at those moments? You can`t just walk around your room in the underwear, singing to your favorite song and eat junk food in the middle of the night. Not everybody is ready for a challenge like that.

If You`re Greedy, Just Don`t Ruin the Life of Your Roommate


You do realize that cohabitation just doesn`t end in sharing the room, right? A lot of living space in your room will most likely to be common. You`ll have to get agreement from your roomie about certain innovations and adjustments to the design. You want new curtains? You`d rather talk it over.

You`ll have to get used to that fact that a lot of your cute expensive stuff can be used by the person you live with as well. It`s very common on the campus. Of course, you have something that is entirely yours. But you may be asked for some shampoo, snacks or even extra cash to borrow.

It`s rude to say no to those minor requests, nobody likes greedy people. But you have to set some boundaries and you`ll have to be ready to draw the line at some point.

And again I`ll tell you, guys, that it`s better to choose a roommate than to live by yourself that has a lot and lot of its benefits as well. But you`ll have the whole lifetime to live without anybody else if you want too. Years at university and on campus will just fly past you like it`s some kind of a super speed jet so don`t miss out on a chance to get to know your mates better.

This article was written by Ian

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