Science and Horoscopes: Burned Bridges?


This is going to be painful. In the most excruciating way. Sorry, all the people who believe in horoscopes. Well, who don`t believe in them, I`m sorry too.  Because now your established and calm life beliefs will go down in flames. I know, I know, guys that it will be hard to convince you of something that is opposite to what you believed in throughout all your life, but I`m going to try anyway.

Let me start with a statement: “there are certain seeds of science in horoscopes, however, astrology isn`t defined as a real science”. And this is the good news. Oh, I`ve almost forgotten, I know that it may sound absurd and I believe in your intelligence and intellectual capacities, but I`ve faced this problem a few times and I can`t remain silent anymore.

Astronomy is a science about the movement and development of such space objects as stars, planets, asteroids, etc. Astrology is pseudoscience that claims that the location of stars in the sky at the moment you were born somehow influences your character. What is more, it can give you certain everyday prediction based solely on your sign. Now I can sigh with relief and I will sleep tight knowing that you guys are aware of these differences.

That Describes You So Precisely!

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

There is this weird pattern that all horoscopes use in order to get into our brain. The question is why? It`s not a marketing trick in general. However, that a minute. I think I know the people who make their living on your beliefs. The fortune tellers! With their creepy weird abnormally huge cards which tell you that you can`t get married because you`ve got a certain curse on your sign. The only curse in your life, girl, is that ugly brown lipstick. Wipe it off and you`re free from this black magic!

How do the horoscopes work? People usually read the characteristics only for their sign and don`t bother to check out the other representatives of the stars` arrangement. However, if you take a closer look at them you`ll notice that a lot of these personality traits are rather vague.

That`s why you agree with them so much! You feel so related that it seems like a person who wrote this horoscope is your twin brother you got separated from. Because he knows so much about you! In most cases, the traits are positive like warm-hearted, kind, giving, or the person who cares about his/her friends so much.

You can say that practically about anyone. The worst case scenario is that a person lives by the horoscope and if it says that Scorpios tend to be impatient and even nervous, then the person just leaves it that way. It might be something like: “There is absolutely nothing I can do about it. It`s in my zodiac sign”. Honey, if you act like that, then your sign is a “douche-rius”, not a scorpio.

Putting Myself Under Fire


I`m going to give you the proof that horoscopes are created with the psychological tricks being in mind. When I`m getting to know a person, it can be a new student at class or a new colleague, they ask me (pretty often, unfortunately) what my zodiac sign is. As a very skeptical person I usually never take it seriously. But one phrase frustrates me a lot after I answer that I`m an Aquarius. They say: “Oh, now I see”.

What do you see, human being? Show me this because I can`t see it myself. What is that even supposed to mean? So I looked up the character traits that my zodiac sign expects me to have. And yes, ooh, yes, I was surprised. It was actually accurate. But this is impossible! Then after reading a few scientific papers written by psychologists, I figured out the trick.

Horoscopes simply tell us what we want to hear and they can be relatable pretty much for anybody. So, as an Aquarius. I`m supposed to be stubborn, creative, eccentric and independent. Let me tell you something. Turns out, this is what everybody thinks of himself/herself.

Nobody wants to give up on their ideas and thoughts, that makes them stubborn. Everybody wants to think that they are unique and talented, therefore creative. Eccentric people are fun and charming, so everybody is thinking that they do possess that special trait. And definitely, nobody likes to be pushed around or be possessive so independence is the key characteristic.

See? You can find those tricks in the description of any zodiac signs and they all will be so truthful!

The Moment of Birth? More Like the Moment of Impregnation!

Some people who are more skeptical about horoscopes are sure that the prediction day by day part about them is absurd, however, they do believe in other theory. It`s not about when you were born, but about when you were created from two cells. According to that theory, the moment of impregnation is crucial in the formation of the person`s character.

The real scientists say that there is actually a slight possibility that the weather, the atmospheric pressure and even the position of the moon may influence some our characteristics. However, they are more likely to be connected to the health, the state of the immune system and sometimes nervous system as well.

In case you`re a big fan of horoscopes and defining your whole fate or at least the outcome of the day based on your zodiac sign, that`s okay, there are a lot of people out where just like you. You know what? Perhaps, it`s even better to live through your day being sure that something is about to happen. If it`s good – great! If it`s bad, then you were either prepared for it or will feel relieved if it didn`t happen. Anyway, it`s a win-win.

This article was written by Ian

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