Ride, Drive, Swim: Could These Kinds of Sport Be More Expensive?

Sportsman with Money

It`s fascinating, weird, and a little bit creepy at the same time. I`m talking about people`s perception of fashion. They will go to extreme measures just to seem trendy. There is one tendency that I’ve fallen absolutely in love now. It`s fashionable to be healthy and active.

Maybe it`s all just the new segment of Instagram modeling. Have you seen those pictures that turned into a massive flow? Don`t we all just “love” the endless influx of girls` pictures from the gym? I don`t know how it`s physically possible to bend your body like that. And all that work to show off the curves and the skills of a great photoshopper.

At the end of the day, any kind of sport will bring you the whole bunch of benefits for the health. You should definitely consider getting yourself involved in some physical activities, especially if you are a student. All long hours sitting through the lectures, writing essays, and pretending that you`re studying may have some really negative impact on your well-being.

This is not the list of the sports that you should consider as the best option. It`s actually vice versa. As a student, you would want to avoid them because they will suck out all your budget. Please don`t think that we`re teasing you with these luxurious activities. With this article, you will have even bigger motivation to become successful and try them all.

Equestrian Sport

Horse Meme

It`s beautiful, it`s magnificent, it`s noble and it`s… hella expensive. In any other kind of sport, you will definitely need the equipment. Yes, it can cost a fortune. But at least this equipment will not require food three times per day, special accommodation, regular vet checking. I`m just getting started here.

Among all the other stuff, you will need a special uniform for yourself and for a horse. It`s far from as simple as tennis, where you would need a skirt or shorts and a T-shirt. The name of all the details which are required for an attire of a rider I will not even able to pronounce or to spell. So, in case we got your interest, just Google it.

The other aspect is competitions. If you are good enough at equestrian sport, you will be able to perform at various games and contests. Do you know what is the biggest complication of that? To move a horse from place to place. And what if a competition is being held on another continent? Any kind of sports which involves horses is hands down challenging and beautiful, but it is also extorting.

Formula 1

How about a ride? Around this kind of sport, of course. Where do you think we were going? It`s only natural that an activity which requires a sports car may leave you without the pants. I don`t think I have to explain the basics to you.

The car itself, its upgrading, repairing (if you have ever watched “Formula 1”, you might have noticed that at the end of the race a car may resemble a pile of iron mess). Hours and hours of training consume a lot of gasoline and the parts of the car are becoming worn off. You have to renovate them all the time. When the average speed on the track is 240 km/h (150 miles per hour), the last thing you want to get out of order are the brakes.


Where do I even start with this one? Oh, I think I know! Now guess what is the price of the most expensive yacht in the world? A dozen millions of bucks, a hundred? Oops, just $4,5 billion. It`s called “History Supreme” and it took three years to create this baby. The price is so high mainly because the interior is all gold and platinum. I hope an anonymous owner from Malaysia knows that those materials don`t flow, so he has to be extra careful with that posh luxurious thing.

It`s not only that the boat is expensive, you have to pay a lot for a marina – a special dock for yachts and small boats. Some sportsmen live in a country where climate conditions don`t let them practice sailing in their full capacities, so during intensive training periods they have to move and live somewhere near the sea or a river.

I`m wondering if they do sail across the ocean when the championship starts on the other continent or they just move their yachts otherwise? One way or another, it can`t be cheap.

So, these are kinds of sport which are officially far from being affordable. I do believe in each and every one of you, guys. You are going to nail it with your career and do whatever you want and go in for any kind of sport you want. Just remember that money doesn`t solve any problem. Except any.


This article was written by Ian

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