Professors` Names: Am I Supposed to Remember All of Them?

Remembering Names

Oooh, a tough situation here, dude. What can I say? Run! That`s what I usually do, but turned out there are some options and we`re going to look through them really closely. If you seriously consider applying some of these advice in real life, you kick up a fuss, I already told you to run.

What Comes to Your Mind When You Hear a Word “Leprechaun”?


Usually, there are two variations of the forgetful situation. Firstly, when that name simply refuses to fit in your head. Secondly, when you can`t recall it having a personal encounter. What about the first one? If you pathologically can`t remember people`s names, then welcome to my world!

Psychologists say that it helps when you say the name of the person out loud during the first meeting. This way you will show your brain that this person is of high importance and you`d rather not forget his name.

What helps me is the associations line. You connect the last or first name of a person to his/her prominent feature. This is a very neat trick that you can use to remember pretty much everything, by the way. Doing this, your brain will not remember the thought, but the pattern how this thought was created. So, the brain can reproduce it.

And a Hundred Percent Reason to Remember the Name

Yes, who else is going to give you an ear-worm for the whole week? Now let`s look through a more serious situation that can cause an actual damage to you. What if you forget the name of your professor right in the middle of an interaction? I understand that now people who attended all the classes may be outraged with the feeling of an unrealistic situation. Darlings, there are students out there who are much more selective when it comes to lectures and colloquiums.

The worst case scenario is when you have no idea how the professor looks like. Well, that can be a bummer. To find out the name, you should try asking for an email address of the professor. Or, what is even better, to find him on social media explaining that you`d like to contact this teacher to get additional materials or advice.

There is a big chance that the name will be in the e-mail address. Asking for social media account you may go with: ‘What is your Facebook username? Could you please spell it for me?’ And a couple of seconds later, Bob`s your uncle, you have that precious name you are going to forget the minute you step out of a classroom.

If You`re Forgetful, Just Be Polite

When you forget the name of your date, it`s ok, you can always go with “honey”, “darling”, “Hey, are you going to pay for that dinner?”. It`s acceptable, more or less. I highly doubt that this might work with your professor.

Please, don`t make my mistakes. Just say “Sir” or “Ma`am”. Firstly, it`s polite and respectful. Secondly, it`s worse when you mispronounce the name of your professor. In that case, just play dead. This is the only thing that`s going to save you.

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