Problems of Modern Education: Students’ Attitude and Lack of Interest

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It is a typical situation when students lose their interest in studying and have no desire to learn new things and improve themselves. That is why they miss classes and even drop out of the school or college. According to statistics, around 30% of students quit colleges after the first year. The majority answer that the main reason for it is the absence of interest in learning things. Even nowadays with all the modern technologies and gadgets used in the education process, young people often refuse to follow a schooling program and prefer to dedicate their time to more amusing activities. Hence, this is one of the global issues of modern education which we face today and have no idea on its solving. It is also related to the previously discussed theme about creativity and modern schools. You can choose this topic for creating your own paper on such a theme. Moreover, we prepared some good ideas for writing such an essay. You should just add some of your personal concepts to them and your work is ready.

No Support

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There is a famous motivational quote for students “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.” It is taught by many pedagogues and young people have to cope with their problems at school without receiving a necessary support. Of course, this is not a right way of comprehending this citation. One of the major reasons why students lose the interest in learning is the lack of help. They simply feel lonely while facing a challenge on their way. Hence, these teenagers quickly give up and do not see the reason for heading on. The majority of young people agree that it is easy to learn something in a team or with a few friends. In this way, they have a chance to ask them for advice or help in the case of issues.

School Bullying

The quickest way of losing any interest to study well and work hard at school or college is being a victim of bullying. No one likes being abused and ridiculed. We tend to avoid places where such a danger exists. In this case, educational establishments become such areas. That is one of the major reasons for missing classes and losing interest in studying. It is hard to appreciate a certain subject and work during the lessons when you are constantly ridiculed, even if you say something really smart and useful. This atmosphere is absolutely inappropriate for getting good results and grades.

Dedicating All Time to Hobbies

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Undoubtedly, it is brilliant to have some hobbies and spend your free time doing these activities. This pleasure is hard to overestimate and it is also the best way of relaxing. Nevertheless, it may become the cause of losing interest at school or college. It happens when a young person forgets that hobbies should not be his or her main priorities and studying cannot be sacrificed for such a purpose. This behavior will never bring any positive outcomes. Thus, sometimes students spend days and nights playing video games or drawing pictures because they like to do it. At the same time, they become less and less interested in learning things and getting a degree. It is essential to balance your time between hobbies and learning. According to statistics, the majority of students pay the equal number of hours to leisure and educational activities, namely about 4 hours a day.

Having a Job Besides Studying

It is not a big secret that the majority of young people have a job while studying at college or even high school. As the recent polls among people from 16 to 24 years old, a half of all students make money while getting a degree. As a rule, they prefer to work part time. About 80% of students have such a schedule which lets them combine education and job successfully. However, it is not possible for everyone and some young people fail. They just feel too tired after coming back home from work and have no desire to attend classes next day. As a result, they miss a lot of materials and lose the motivation to study as the gap between them and other members of a group is too big. The main problem of these students is a too heavy workload which simply does not let them focus on studying.

Lack of Encouragement


Sometimes young people do not appreciate the system of rewards for studying well. They just do not understand the reason for dedicating their efforts and time to this activity if there are no benefits for them. It means that students are poorly motivated and do not receive any encouragement from their teacher. Hence, it is essential to understand the importance of learning new skills and getting knowledge. There should be some clear academic goals to reduce this problem and become really interested in the educational process.

Finally, even if it seems to be a personal problem of every student who has lost his interest and motivation in studying, it is a global issue in the modern system of education. That is why a great attention should be paid to it. It is important not to ignore this trouble as it greatly affects the process and quality of education in general. Thus, the whole system of schooling becomes ineffective and poor. Only thanks to the common efforts of teachers and young people this problem can be solved. While completing a paper on this topic, you can use our ideas and add some reference to famous pedagogues’ work. Such an issue has always existed, so it is researched well nowadays. Hence, you will be able to cope with creating a good layout for solving this problem in the quickest way.

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