Problems of Modern Education: Does School Kill Creativity?

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There are no doubts that violence at schools is a huge problem. We have already presented some useful ideas on this topic and give you an impulse for writing a paper about this problem. Nevertheless, there are some more issues which you can use as the main concept for creating an essay. The system of education is facing dozens of troubles nowadays which cannot be solved quickly. Some of them are controversial, and people have diverse opinions according to these problems. One of them is the development of creativity at schools. The majority of students and pedagogues think that this function is not fulfilled in ordinary educational establishments. Others even claim that schools kill creativity. These are words of a famous person in the education sphere, Kin Robinson, who presented a lecture on this topic. You can use his material while writing as well. Of course, all positions and opinions can exist. However, we present some strong arguments why the modern education system is not effective for improving young people’s creative skills and depletes their outstanding talents.

Full Focus on Academic Subjects

The most important argument is probably a full concentration on the academic subjects such as Math, Chemistry, Literature and so on. At the same time, according to Kin Robinson’s lectures, less and less attention is paid to such classes as Music or Arts. He also claims that it is a death valley for the creativity. That is why young people who have a natural talent to one of these activities cannot develop their skills. Some schools even do not offer additional lessons and sections where students can work on the improvement of their creative skills. Hence, these teenagers’ parents have to take them to specific schools where acting, singing or dancing are taught. As a result, more money and time should be spent on these hobbies. What is worse, some students even do not have a possibility to understand if they have a certain talent or not. Sometimes such outstanding skills reveal at the old age when it is too late to develop them. Thus, people lose their chances to become geniuses and create some masterpieces.

Poor Estimation of Outstanding Students

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As a rule, schools have a target to give all students the equal knowledge and do not let anyone become superior. Sure, this policy may have several benefits for young people but not for those who have some outstanding skills. There are no doubts that it can also do harm to teenagers. For example, if a person is a good singer and wants to dedicate more time to this activity, but there are lots of math and physics tasks, he or she will probably miss classes and have bad marks at these lectures. However, not only creative people suffer from such estimation at school. Many computer geniuses had poor grades while studying. However, after finishing studying, they start some successful projects which bring a huge outcome on the future. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg was not good at studying. At the same time, he was a smart boy and succeeded in programming. He created his first computer code while being a child.

Being a Part of the System

It is true that the majority of schools and the whole education system target on creating mechanical workers without any creative or analytical thinking skills. Undoubtedly, kids who have just entered a school and make their first independent steps do not burden themselves with fear of making a mistake and they are ready to take risks and unique chances. Without any exaggeration, after graduation their mindsets are completely changed. Students learn how to follow standards and forget the way of being original and creating anything. As a rule, young people are taught some strict rules which cannot be broken. However, these are things which mostly make them average. Hence, it is impossible for them to stay creative if everything is dictated.

Strict System of Estimating Knowledge

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Probably marks and different tests are the main things associated with the education system. Sure, details may vary, but this scheme exists for years in lots of countries. Some people think that it is impossible to refuse from these points as they help to monitor the level of knowledge and skills among students and also motivate them for a better job. On the other hand, the majority of young people do not think so. They see marks as a kind of punishment and afraid of tests. A bad grade for many teenagers seems to be a nightmare. Hence, they understand that they disappoint their parents and teachers while getting poor marks which leads to stress and even depression. Is it possible to organize a studying process without any grades? The examples of some progressive countries prove it. Schools in Finland have refused from this system. Nowadays, they have one of the best results in different studying competitions. Students who have got an education there have good practical skills and are able to use their knowledge in real life. Moreover, they are still encouraged for learning new things. Thus, this tactic works even better than an ordinary standard scheme of estimating students at schools.

All in all, the absence of a good strategy for the development of creative skills at the modern school is a huge global problem nowadays. Unfortunately, it is difficult to cope with it as a lot of reforms are needed. We hope that you appreciate the ideas and concepts presented in this post. They may be very useful for completing your paper on this topic and developing a strategy for coping with modern education problems. Do not forget to add good life examples to your text and have your personal position according to any issue. It is also a good idea to read “Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative” by Kin Robinson where the main concepts of his “learning revolution” are presented. It is possible to refer to this book while inventing your strategy. In this way, you will never suffer from failures while writing. Our next post will also be dedicated to the modern schooling problems. One of the most significant problems is students’ attitude to studying. Many of them find it uninteresting and useless. We will present some major points on this topic.

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