Problems of Modern Education: Create an Essay on School Violence

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Without any exaggeration, school violence is becoming more and more dangerous for students. Unfortunately, none of the taken measures works, so despite paying a lot of efforts to the solution of this trouble, there are thousands of young people who suffer from bullying. Nevertheless, there is still no exact strategy of reducing this issue at the majority of schools. As a student, you have probably noticed that some of your fellows are alienated and ridiculed. For every adequate person, it seems to be inappropriate and rude. Everyone understands that such behavior should not exist in any of the educational establishments. That is why young people are frequently asked to create an essay where they should explain some effective ways of reducing school bullying. Sure, it is not an easy assignment to complete such a paper. Thus, there should be some ideas on this theme in order to support you with working on it.

Parental Work

Undoubtedly, first of all, it is essential to provide an effective work with children at home. This is one of the main functions of their parents. It is a typical situation when young people have no idea on how to behave correctly and adequately at school. They find that bullying others is normal. Thus, they use such model of communicating with fellows while studying and wonder when teachers make some remarks. For parents of such students, it is very important to explain that such type of behavior is not suitable if they want to socialize successfully and make more friends. Moreover, it is vital to educate kids in such a way from an early age. Hence, they will understand such important things while being young and never have conflicts with others because of their own rudeness and violence.

Identification Cards

School Guard

It is true that many violent conflicts and even serious arguments are caused by outsiders at the school. The reasons and outcomes of such issues may be different. In the most cases, the local guards act quickly, and unpleasant results may be reduced. Nevertheless, it does not mean that this problem should not be solved urgently. Remember that outsiders may be really dangerous for students and teachers. The best idea is identification cards. In this way, there is no need to waste time on checking every person who enters the school. Several tourniquets may provide a better level of security for everyone in this establishment. It also saves time and money for the local administration.

Strict Punishment

It is true that many young people abuse their fellows who are weaker and cannot protect themselves. This usually happens frequently if there is no punishment for such violent students. Hence, it is important to develop a certain system of penalties for teenagers who are rude and behave in an inappropriate way. Of course, it is impossible to deal with all cases, but a number of conflict situations will be lower. For example, it is a good idea to inform parents of a rude student about his actions and ask them to provide a conversation with him at home. On the other hand, a school director can do this as well. Sometimes it works even better than home education. If all these measures are ineffective and a young person continues to break moral and school rules, he may even be dropped out.

Specific Educational Programs

Teenagers at Lecture

One of the most efficient and global ways of coping with the school violence is providing some educational programs and courses which can help young people to understand how to protect themselves and behave correctly with others. As a rule, some psychologist may greatly help to reduce the number of rude situations. Students can also learn how to solve conflicts, prevent them or find a compromise. Of course, it is not a quick way as many young people will probably ignore such programs and refuse to attend them. However, if they are regularly provided, this problem can be solved. It is also essential to explain to students why it plays a great role in their education and which beneficial skills they can get while visiting such lectures.

Cooperation Between Students

It is important to give students more chances to cooperate with each other and work on some common projects. It lets them mix with each other, and there will be no difference and inequality between them. Moreover, it is a brilliant opportunity to understand each other better. Very often, teenagers who abuse others do not comprehend them as individualities with their own tastes, interests, and strengths. Rude students see only an object for ridiculing and bullying. They do not understand the feelings and thoughts of this person. Thus, it is important to reduce such an attitude which becomes the reason for school violence. Cooperation makes everyone work as one mechanism in order to get a good result. In this way, people become closer and build stronger relationships. It is a perfect idea for groups where young people cannot create a friendly and supportive team.

To sum up, there are several useful methods which are pretty good for the improvement of the education sphere. These tactics are not perfect, but you can use them as the basis for your paper. Such ideas will probably improve your essay and show that you are interested in solving this issue at schools. You can also add some more ways of dealing with violence applied in your native place. Do not forget that every region has its specialties, so you can explore these things in your paper as well. We hope that it will be an effortless task for you thanks to our prompts. In the next article, you will get some information about the problem of schooling and creativity. How can education improve this skill or make it poor? The answer will be available in our post.

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