A Pet at a Campus: Unless It`s Scooby-Doo


Sometimes we communicate with animals much better than with people, don`t you agree? And by sometimes I mean always. There is a special kind of communication, nonverbal, it`s all about feelings of attachment and mutual understanding. You look into the eyes of your pet and you see love and gratitude.

You look into the eyes of your fellow human being, you hear ‘Why are you staring at me? That is just plain creepy, dude’. What is more, if it`s a predator, you know for sure what to expect from an animal, you always stay sharp and concentrated near them. People, on the other hand, are full of eccentricity and unexpected behavior. “A wolf in a sheep`s clothing” is a saying definitely not about animals.

It`s only natural that you would want to take your beloved pet with you to a campus. We grow a strong feeling of affection and love towards our cats, dogs, spiders (why not? They seem cute sometimes). Can you imagine spending at least four years away from your pet? To be frank, for me, it was a blessing. I had a parrot back at my parents` home. He was, indeed, an early bird and I, being a night owl, couldn`t really make my peace with his loud melodic singing which was traveling through the walls.

But I know there are a lot of you out there who would be left heartbroken if you had to give up your pet while studying. Maybe there is a way out? Let`s find it together.

Cold-Blooded Killers

Smiley Face Snake

Mostly campuses at universities or colleges don`t allow any pets. But they often make exceptions for cold-blooded animals, like reptiles, arthropoda or certain species of insects. Ok, I`ll put it in more simple words. Hey, you snake and spider lovers, this is the time of your life.

Turtles and lizards may not be your best friends now, but if you can`t imagine your life without living creatures, then I have only two things to tell you. Firstly, you probably are going to get a roommate and if you use your imagination actively, you can pretend he is your pet. Just don`t tell this to him and don`t try to scratch your roommate behind the ear, you will expose yourself.

Secondly, just consider taking a cold-blooded animal as your pet. The main reason some campuses allow them is because they don`t smell, especially if you take care of them properly. Besides, those animals usually live in the terrariums and will not walk around the campus and frustrate its inhabitants.

However, if we`re talking about the snakes or spiders, you probably are going to highly frustrate and even terrify your campus-mates if one of those sweet creatures escapes. Additionally, if you have a certain disagreement with your roommate, you have a horrendous weapon by your side. Or if your guests are overstaying, you may just say: “I`m going to feed and walk my crocodile now” and the second after all of your guests take off like the wind.

Meow or Woof?

Cat VS Dog

It`s rare, yet it happens that some universities allow cats and dogs at their campuses. They post this information on their website. However, I hope you agree with me on this one, it`s not really thoughtful to choose a college solely basing on their pets regulations.

The campus of this college will allow me to live with my puppy! I wanted to be a doctor, but it appears that now I`m going to be an electrician! If an option is given to you, you may want to choose a cat over a dog. Simply because kitties have fewer difficulties with maintenance.

However, all these colleges with loosen rules will for sure require an agreement from your roommate. The dog may bark, whine and shred all the things around into pieces. Cats may have a very specific odor which can bother your roommate. And let`s not forget about the allergies which are widespread nowadays.

Allergens that the fur of cats or dogs carries may spread through the ventilation system and throughout the halls. So, please don`t do any harm to anybody because of your love for animals. At the end of the day, we have to love humans as well.


Psychologists suggest an alternative of having a pet. They have conducted an interesting study and found out that at least spending some time with animals will increase the level of happiness hormone in your body.

Volunteering at the local animal shelter will help you to fill the void in your loving heart. It`s been proven that some people simply need communication with fluffy living creatures in order to be happy. It`s like some of us need coffee or chocolate to function like a normal human being.

A desire to bring a pet with you to the campus is more than understandable and that shows you as a caring person. But we shouldn`t forget about the people who surround us as well, right?

This article was written by Ian

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