Overuse of Resources in the World of Today: Can We Reduce It?

Catastrophe in Nature

It is hard to disagree that natural resources are under huge pressure nowadays, and this is one of the worst outcomes of the human activity. It is a serious ecological issue which can lead to terrible consequences in the future and their first signs we can see right now.

Sure, it is the main priority for the mankind to solve this problem and prevent unpleasant results of exploitation of resources later. However, some significant steps should be done in order to cope with this problem. Nowadays, scientists and ecological organizations work a lot and provide dozens of policies in order to save humanity from an environmental catastrophe.

In this article, you can find the major reasons of the lack of natural resources, problems caused by this issue and some appropriate solutions for it. It is a pretty good idea to use these statements in your paper on ecology studies.

The Major Causes of Overexploitation of Resources


As we have mentioned, it is essential to indicate the major reasons for the problem of exploitation of resources. Without this stage, it will be impossible to come up with any effective solution. Moreover, you should know that the prevention of these issues is always better than dealing with their negative consequences. So, here are several major causes of the problem discussed below.

  • The main reason for the overuse of natural resources is the too fast technology progress. People got the possibility to develop all spheres and produce a huge number of different products. Hence, modern machines are able to get resources much faster than in case of manual work. In this way, the nature has no time renew them, and the number of certain materials is becoming lower and lower. For example, the problem of deforestation appeared only after special wood cutting machines had been created.
  • Overpopulation is one of the biggest problems as well. The increasing number of people on our planet means that the industry should produce more goods and food for them. A lot of resources are necessary for it. In poor countries, environmental policies are not provided, so people continue to waste resources and do not take any measures to renew them.
  • The improvement of living conditions leads to people‚Äôs desire to get some luxurious items which have no practical usage but demand some rare resources. For example, golden jewelry, diamonds and so on are not the things we cannot live without, but the industries which produce them still gets huge incomes.

Outcomes of This Problem

Polluted Ocean

Our next step is to indicate and analyze the outcomes of this problem. Some of them have harmful effect on human health and living conditions. There are no doubts that without being aware of the details of a certain issue it is not possible to cope with it. Below there are the most widespread solutions which are considered by the majority of countries these days.

Extinction of Species

It is true that while using natural resources, people often destroy the whole areas which are homes for many species. As a result, many of them disappear or become endangered. Some of them we can see only in conservation parks or zoos. Sometimes even forests are destroyed, and none of the animals that live there can survive.

Soil Erosion

After a certain industry uses an area rich in natural resources, for example, coal or gold, the soil becomes inappropriate for future exploitation. In most cases, erosion is caused by these actions which completely exhaust a territory. It means that a lot of money and time are needed in order to renew this soil and let people use it for agricultural purposes.

Water Pollution

We can frequently observe news about catastrophes caused by the local exploitations of ocean resources. Sometimes tragic situations happen when these minerals are transferred to different places. As a result, water becomes extremely polluted with harmful substances. This badly affects many spheres of human activity as aqua resources play a key role in global well-being.

Extreme Energy

This is the concept offered by a professor of Peace and World Security Studies Michael T. Klare. These are techniques which humanity uses for the production of energy from unconventional sources. They are very harmful for the nature and worsen ecological conditions in a certain area. Which are the major samples of these methods? It may be deep-water drilling, use of natural gas hydrates, mountaintop removal mining and so on.

Forced Migration

As soon as all resources are exhausted, people can no longer stay on a certain territory as they simply have no chance to survive. They look for better conditions for living. This leads to the forced migration. Sometimes the exploitation of nature causes terrific ecological catastrophes and disasters which make people flee from their homes because it becomes unsafe to live there anymore.

In order to conclude the things said before, it is essential to repeat the necessary steps which can help to find the best solution to these problems.

  • Indicating the major causes of the problem in order to get the possibility to prevent them.
  • Describing negative outcomes of a problem. It is essential to explain which spheres of human life are affected. Good research of an issue provides half of success in the search for the solution.
  • Selecting the most appropriate methods and strategies to find the solution for a problem and providing a survey on this topic.
  • Looking for effective solutions. This part should represent the outcome of your research.

If you follow these prompts, you will easily create the best paper about the modern issues related to the exploitation of resources. We hope, our example is useful for you, and you will present some of these ideas in your essay.

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