Online Shopaholics: Are Those Real Addicts?

Online Shopaholic

Consumerism is one of the deadliest diseases of modern society. But instead of killing humanity, it`s taking away the common sense. Why would we need so much of everything? How many do you think there are fashion seasons out there?

The boys might have no idea what I`m talking about now. Just hang on, I`ll get to you in a moment. Basically, there are spring-summer and autumn-winter, right? Nope, wrong! There are 52 fashion seasons now!

Technically the new lines of clothes and accessories are being created each and every week. You may ask: ‘How are we even supposed to follow the fashion then?’ There is simply no way you can catch on all the latest trends and this is exactly the goal of retailers.

You want more and more, you consume more and more, you spend more and more. And nowadays you can do all of this in the easiest way possible – by the means of the Internet.

Use Your Two Feet

If you are anything like me, then you are an online shopaholic. Let`s create the anonymous society! We will sit in the circle and be like: ‘I don`t shop on the Internet for 10 hours, 12 minutes and 23 seconds now and it`s been disastrous’.

When you shop online you have absolutely no chill. You pay with your credit card and therefore don`t see the physical aspect of expenses. This is a psychological trick, actually. If you feel like you`re spending way too much, use cash only. This way you will always see how much money is left in your wallet and you will be able to track your expenses better.

Do you need a new sweater? Or, okay, do you want a new sweater? This will be more accurate. Just go to the shop, don`t buy it online! If you do this, you will have to dedicate much more time for this, the precious time, the time most of us usually don`t have.

When you order something with the help of the world wide web, you spend 10 minutes for the purchase, tops (not my opinion, according to the social survey). But you will have to spend at least an hour to choose a sweater in the actual shop. You will need the time to go where, look for the item, try it on, pay for it (plus, there are may be a queue at the fitting room or cashier desk).

Having to do all of this makes you think whether you actually need new clothes and whether you are ready to spend so much time for buying it. Only necessary items will end up in your closet then.

Everything Has Its Limit

Credit Card Lock

Especially people`s patience. But it`s not the topic now. It`s been proven by science that shopping actually makes us happy. The feeling of buying something new causes the release of endorphins into the bloodstream, so that`s why shopping seems so addictive.

Naturally, you will have a hard time giving it up at first, especially when we are talking about online shopping. It`s easy, simple, effortless. Who needs to go out the house and have an actual human contact? So, set a limit for your online expenses.

There are plenty various apps for your smartphone which will help in dealing with your finances. Just right down everything that you waste, sorry spend, money on and check it every month. Trust me, you`ll be surprised how much of useless stuff you buy! You could easily do without all that … how do I put it right?… items.  There is a good chance you could save money for the whole vacation by just stopping spending so light-headedly.

A Reverse Technique

Selling Your Stuff

Again, if you`re anything like me, you`ve got piles of clothes in your wardrobe that you don`t wear. I bet some of those items you didn`t put on even once. It was just a passionate impulse of online shopping and now you`re simply over it. You can`t wear that much clothes at once. Given the fact that you used the Internet to buy it, then use the Internet to get rid of it!

There are a lot of websites which you can use to sell your clothes. If you possess at least basic marketing skills, you will get around a half of the cost of that sweater the origins of which in your wardrobe is undetectable. But you may become a marketing genius and even make a profit on your old clothes (in case you make them look really desirable or vintage).

You earned money with the help of our previous advice? Good! Please, don`t spend it on more clothes. You can stay fashionable and be wise dealing with your expenses at the same time actually.


This article was written by Ian

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