The Sample of a Paper on Modern Medicine Problems: Ideas for Writing

Nowadays, the whole world faces thousands of challenges and issues. Many of them are connected with some vital spheres such as education and its improvement, ecology and so on. However, medicine is probably the most dependent on human progress and technology development. This niche is extremely important, and achievements in it usually indicate the quality of life in a certain country.

In addition, it is medicine that has to cope with the majority of negative outcomes caused by other industries. That is why it is essential to overcome its major problems in the fastest and most effective way. It should be the main priority in every policy which is provided in the country or city. Here, we are presenting an example of a paper on modern medicine problems with their descriptions and strategies to solve me.

Low Payment

In many countries, doctors receive low salaries which do not compensate all the efforts and time which they dedicate to their job. Moreover, students usually have to invest much in their study in order to get a degree in medicine, which usually takes more years than an any other degree. In addition, a high risk which these specialists encounter requires them to sacrifice their nerves and health. That is why it is essential to increase a salary for an ordinary doctor before doing anything else. This is the best way to motivate them and develop the general level of medicine. It is an especially important problem in developing countries.

Poor Technology

Modern X-Ray Machine

Without any doubts, in many developing countries, medical sphere still suffers from poor technology progress. Sometimes the problem lies in the lack of finances on its development. On the other hand, the absence of country’s own production of such machines may be the main problem. Anyway, technologies play one of the superior roles in medicine nowadays. As a result, hospitals and clinics cannot treat patients effectively without necessary modern machines. In some poor countries, many medical establishments do not even have an X-Ray. This becomes the reason for many lethal cases, as patients cannot be cured of illnesses and may die even from a cold. In addition, it becomes a really grave issue in case an outbreak of a certain disease takes plays.

Pharmaceutical Business

In most cases, medicine is oriented to the drug therapy which is either harmful to a patient or does not bring an expected outcome. So, the whole sphere depends on pharmaceutical business which is often aimed at making a profit but not helping people. It is not a big secret that companies which produce drugs make billions of dollars on various pills which sometimes are not needed actually. In most cases, modern medicines just reduce symptoms for a small amount of time and afterwards a person needs another dose again.

People do not treat their illnesses but simply pay money to pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, many doctors follow the strategy of drug treatment and prescribe tons of pills to their patients instead of finding the cause of a disease and dealing with it.

Bacteria Resistance to Antibiotics

Nurse Making Injection

Nowadays, medicine has to deal with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and that can spread very quickly around the world. Some scientists say that in this case, doctors will not be able to provide big operations and a patient will become vulnerable even to the simplest illnesses, such as cold or minor inflammation. It is a big challenge, as these bacteria can affect genes, and this is an extremely complicated task to tackle. Even the modern medical technology cannot cope with this issue. Humanity just has to invent more and more types of antibiotics but there is no exact and long-termed solution to this problem.

Obesity Epidemic

Without any exaggeration, obesity can be called an epidemic disease nowadays, as the majority of people suffer from it and do nothing to cope with this issue. Moreover, humanity still has not developed a serious attitude to this issue, and many young people find that obesity is a thing which can be easily tackled without any specific treatment. Still, medicine knows little about its true reasons, and all secrets of human metabolism have not been revealed yet. That is why doctors still use a certain strategy against obesity which usually includes a diet, physical exercises and so on. Moreover, this issue should be solved urgently, because it becomes the cause of many other diseases, including cancer, diabetes and so on.

Cure for Grave Diseases

Person Giving Blood

Undoubtedly, there are many diseases which still cannot be cured even though medicine is highly developed nowadays and uses many modern technologies. For example, AIDS is a lethal diagnosis: scientists are trying hard to cope with HIV but there is no exact pill or therapy which can treat it. Consequently, thousands of people suffer from incurable diseases and have to try dozens of methods, including alternative medicine, as conventional medicine cannot offer any effective solution.

All in all, problems in the modern medicine are very serious and difficult to solve. That is why a specific strategy should be invented, and many organizations should take part in its development. Moreover, many scientists should work on the common solution for these problems. Of course, we cannot cope with all of them at one moment and years are necessary for it. However, step-by-step, having the required finances and human resources, it is possible. The main point is to set clear goals. After several years of hard work, humanity will see the first positive results!

In the next post, we will present the modern problems of employment. Do not miss the info!

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