Makeup: It`s in Our Genetic Code

Too Much Makeup

Why on Earth would billions of beautiful women wake up half an hour earlier just to put some different multi-colored substance of their faces? And not just faces. Did you know that there is such thing as breast` contouring? You put shades and light colors on your decollete area to make “Look at those!” effect.

There is even makeup for your hands and legs to make them look slimmer. By the way, a birdie told me, that`s what they do to Victoria`s Secret models before they hit the runway. I knew that perfect women like them can`t exist. Perhaps, that`s why they are called the Angels?

Have you heard about the latest Instagram fashion frenzy? “Which one among all of them?”, you`d ask and would be absolutely right. Instagram trends are like an excuse for freaks to be, you know, freaky. So to be a true fashionista you`ve got to put tons of glitter on your butt cheeks and post a picture with that piece of art on social media.

Firstly, the moment you get your hands on a glitter once in a lifetime, those teeny-tiny sparkly pieces will never stop chasing you. Glitter will end up everywhere and there is no chance you will ever get rid of it. And your house is going to look like you are living with a dozen of strippers.

Secondly, this is just insane. The whole world wide women`s struggling to be perfect and beautiful has gone way too far. Before I got carried away with all these feminist thoughts, I`ve got to admit, so I wouldn`t look like a hypocrite. I love makeup and I love putting it on. Therefore, I decided to find out what are the reasons women are wearing makeup.

We Knee Before You, What`s Your Name Again?

African Tribal Makeup

If we look through the history of humanity, we`ll see that females were wearing somewhat that can be called the makeup since the very dawn of times. How do we know it if the dawn of times was really, really long ago? The images that our ancestors left on the cave walls indicate that women of primeval times were no strangers to a bit of coal eye liner.

However, beauty was never the purpose of that. Religious heathen rituals forced women into painting various images on their faces. It was a way to send a message to the gods. Enhanced eyes and colorful lips were not meant for Instagram shots as they are now. It was something like a means of communication with a world of ghosts.

What is more, as you know, tribes were practicing offerings to the supernatural powers. So not just women but the whole tribe were painting their faces with the blood of killed animals and even humans. Technically, if we take a closer look in the modern time cosmetics production, we`ll see that we don`t differ much from our cave ancestors.

With all the brutal and cruel testing of new products on animals, we did make a huge step in protecting the living creatures from the humans. Yep, we did that. Kind of.

The Eyes Are the Mirror of…Your Genetic Competitiveness

A Monkey

We use makeup to enhance our eyes. To make them brighter, bigger, even striking. All the cat-eye makeup tutorials on YouTube make a fortune showing the girls how to create a perfect line. Sometimes it`s rather ridiculous, like they advise to use a credit card or a spoon to help you with that tricky line.

I think that you had to be born a true artist in order to pull it off. It`s all about symmetry and for me, this one always came the hard way. But enough about it. You all came here for the answers, so here we go. Having big eyes is an evolutionary and biological advantage. You do know that people tend to choose their partners basing on their ability to procreate. If genetic material is good enough we have that tingling feeling in our stomachs. Some hopeless romantics call it love, gastroenterologists may call it food poisoning, but the truth is that it`s our hormones screaming: “Hey, look! There is a perfectly good mate for you over there!”

Big eyes mean a better ability to see the surrounding world in detail. In primeval times, the main task for a woman was to take care of children, look out for enemies or predators and gather some edible plants. In order to cope with all of these chores effectively, she had to have a good vision. However, from a biological point of view, there is almost no connection between visual acuity and the size of the eyes, but that`s how our subconscious works.

Did you now that women have much more developed peripheral vision than men? The males in tribes used to hunt and in order to do that they had to focus the vision on the prey. That`s why they don`t see what`s happening around them. Females, on the other hand, have much wider vision radius and they use cosmetics to show that advantage.

“I Got That Red Lip Classic Thing That You Like”

Wow, Taylor Swift does know a lot what guys prefer and it is red lipstick, indeed. Nowadays lips are a literal world obsession. Can they be any bigger? So many colors of lipstick to choose, but why do women choose it in the first place?

And again, it`s all about a sexual evaluation of the partner. There are two theories that scientists have come up with. The first one says that female in certain days of their monthly cycle have naturally more bright and colorful lips due to estrogen level rising in the body. This indicates that she is ready to become pregnant. This slight change in the shade of lips is really noticeable by men, so they know that a lady is fertile.

The second theory (though they usually are presented combined) says that women`s lips are often associated with labia. So the red or bright pink of lips can be seen as the readiness to certain activities.

What`s There to Blush About?

Taking into consideration our last paragraph, there is actually something to blush about. But, seriously, what`s the whole deal with the blush? Women put it on their cheeks to seem healthier. A little bit of rouge on your face indicates that you`ve got a normal blood flow.

Therefore, you are able to have healthy kids. Cheeks usually lead to the determination of people`s intentions. By the look in the eyes and smile on the face primeval humans used to distinguish aggressive people. Rouge cheeks make you look like a friendly and kind creature, who is also healthy in the eyes of surrounding tribe fellas. That meaning: you`re a real catch.

As we see know, cosmetics for women is not just a desire or a way to hide their real faces, it is a biological necessity. It resembles the behavior of many mammal species, by the way. They also have some kinds of pre-mating rituals including making themselves more attractive. Makeup has always been in a life of women and it doesn`t seem that it`s going somewhere anytime soon.

This article was written by Ian

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