Essay on Good Mornings: Not Only Wonderland Has Them

Good Morning

There is the sunshine that is so stubborn it`s trying to reach to you through the closed curtains and kiss your forehead. It`s the way this celestial being is trying to wish you good morning. Wait, how can these two words be even placed together? Mornings are the micro equivalents of hell that are thrown at us with the beginning of new day.

You need to wake up, get out of bed and convince yourself that you don`t want all people to disappear from this planet so there will be only you and your morning coffee. The way we start the day influences our mood throughout the day. Whether you are an early bird (in which case you`ve made your peace with mornings) or a night owl (aka the leader of the club “morning haters”) it`s important to get the flow of the positive emotions at that particular time.

How is that even possible? Let`s ask science about it. Psychologists have got the whole list of things that you should or shouldn`t do to have a nice start of the day. Firstly, a full breakfast. Yes, I know, you`ve heard it thousands and millions of times but still ignore this rule.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it has to be nutritional enough to get all of your body organs work at their full capacity. Skipping breakfast is the first key to unhappy morning and therefore, a stressful negative day.

Coffee has become a substance that can be considered to be vital for our life. Just like air or water. It`s like a magic potion that turns us from sleep-deprived zombies into the actual human beings. If you are trying to reach the coffee mug before you even open the eyes, then it`s a bad habit.


Gastroenterologists recommend drinking your first cup of coffee 1,5 hours later after you wake up. According to the human biological clock, the best time for this liquid heaven is around 9 a.m. That`s the time when your brain is awake and is ready for the new challenges of the day. What is more, it`s important to drink coffee after your breakfast, never do that on an empty stomach.

A lot of positive mornings were ruined by the weather, especially when it changes so rapidly. People are very much dependent on the sun. When we see it, the special hormone that won`t let us fall asleep and will make us more energetic is being released. Without it, we feel sad and low-spirited. You can`t change the weather, it`s a fact, but you can change your attitude towards it.

Look up the weather forecast for the following day so you will not have any negative surprises. Pick your outfit the evening before so you`ll have time to think what to wear, how to combine different colors and patterns, how to adjust it to the weather. Choosing your clothes ensemble in the morning can be rather stressful especially when you are being late. Therefore following this advice will save you tons of time and nerves.

The best way to make your morning good and positive is a smile. Just smile even if you don`t feel like it. Neuroscientists have proven that even forcing a smile sends the message to your brain which boosts the energy and the mood. That`s how you trick your brain. And remember, the more you say “Good morning!” to the other people, the more positive feedback you`re going to get.

This article was written by Ian

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