Going to Movies by Yourself: Weirdness Level from 0 to Sheldon Cooper

Movie Alone

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself recently so I figured what if you, guys, are interested in this as well. I bet you are. Sometimes you just feel like you need to be by yourself and you don’t want any company. That’s understandable and that’s more than respectable. Our lifestyle looks like a crazy roller coaster which goes up and down, then it turns you upside down from all of the sudden.

I’ve got to be honest with you, guys. Yeah, because I’m not that type of person who tells a hundred lies per day. I’m definitely not. Hm-m-m. I have never ever been to movies by myself. I used to think it was weird. But now I’m not, this is the truth. Turns out, a lot of people do that. And these people are friendly and open, definitely not some kind of maniacs. So the only righteous decision I see here is to ask psychologists what do they have to say about it. Here it goes.

Be like Rachel at the Restaurant

I shout out to all “Friends” fans here. Do you remember that episode where Rachel was scared to eat by herself at a restaurant? Of course, you remember it! Why would I even ask? Our favorite girl was conscious what everyone would think about her. Is she a maniac, a sociopath, a loner?

Psychology and even the science of human evolution give us the answers why a human being feels so uncomfortable in the situations like going to the movies alone. We are the social animals. Maybe social creatures would sound better but animals would probably represent the human nature much more accurate. We feel frustrated and uncomfortable because it seems to us that we are safe only if we are with our fellow human beings.

Like in the primeval times when people were gathering just to stay alive. In a group, they had a chance to survive an animal attack and it was it was easier to hunt down the dinner. Such type of behavior has made its pattern in our brain and if though now we are no longer in danger being by ourselves, we still feel like this is not the natural course of things.

So You’re Crazy If You Don’t Fit the Mold?

The next reason is social acceptance. We just got used to a situation like friends’ gathering with a purpose to go see some cool movie. But making plans with people who have the job, studying and hobbies on their mind can be rather difficult.

Have you noticed that becoming older you tend to spend less and less time with your friends? Everybody is so busy with their lives that sometimes you don’t want to adjust your time to anybody else and you wish just to enjoy your time with a person who truly understands you, aka YOU.

You’re Flooded with Pros Here

Eating Huge Bucket of Popcorn

Going to movies by yourself has tons and tons of advantages. If you are a dude who is trying to play it cool all the time, you are not likely to watch a rom-com with your fellas. But what if you want to? We are only humans and emotions are something that distinguishes us from the robots and Bran Stark. You can laugh as much as you want, you can cry your tears out, you can be a big time weirdo through the whole movie and nobody will be there to judge you.

For some reason (and I find it highly ridiculous, actually) society constantly expects from a woman to eat like a colibri. On the first date, girls usually order a salad tops and then they come home afterwards and devour the whole fridge, they eat a couple of frozen pizzas without even heating them. And don’t you say that you’ve never done that, you filthy liar!

When you enjoy the movie having only yourself as a company, you can get a tank/polar bear/airplane size bucket of popcorn. No one will ever know. And, yes, my darling, you can eat all of that by yourself.

You don’t have to make any compromises about the genre of the movie. If you feel like watching a documentary about the biggest darkest Romanian cemeteries, then just go for it! And, by the way, if you like that kind of movies, perhaps, you are weirdo, get yourself together, dude.

So as we all can see now you can be a self-sophisticated person and still go to the movies by yourself. It doesn’t matter. How on Earth can you enjoy the company of other people if you can’t get along with yourself? You know what, guys? After digging that deep into this question, I do want to do this now. I promise you that the moment I finish this article, I’m going to the movies by myself. No, actually I’ve just checked out, there are no movies nearby that are working at 3 a.m. but tomorrow I will for my first time ever and I’m going to enjoy it.

This article was written by Ian

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