Essay on Marriage: Why I`ll Catch up on That Later


I, Ross, take thee, Rachel. Oh, wow, it was supposed to be Emily, wasn`t it? Well, “Friends” never get old. I`ve got two solutions for you in case you have a situation similar to this. Firstly, you may only date people with the same name. I don`t know about you, but I find it rather practical. This way you will never get confused.

Secondly, you may consider not remembering the names at all. Why do you think all these words exist: honey, sweetheart, sugar, baby? That`s not because people want to be romantic and tender, the real reason is that their brain is too occupied with all the lyrics from the Weekend songs. They simply don`t remember the names. Then what should you do when the time comes to say that name in front of family and friends? Make a tattoo. That`s way simpler than remembering the name, trust me.

I think I had the third option in mind. Oh, right! Just marry the right person! Sounds like the sequel to the “Mission: Impossible” movie. According to the statistics and social surveys, people nowadays tend to get married later and later in their lives. What is more, the age when two souls connect in heaven (or as I call them: two souls connect with too many tequila shots in Vegas) tie the knot has never been so high.

If we dive deeper into the history of marriage, we`ll see that during the time of humans` development the age of getting married was almost never higher than 20-25 years old. You may not be the biggest fan of history textbooks or documentaries, but you may enjoy a good historical novel from time to time. In France, in the 19th century, parents were eager to marry their daughters (preferably with certain benefits from the family of the fiance) aged of 17-18.

19th Century Wedding

It was okay for men to stay unattached up to 25 years old. After achieving that age, a young gentleman had to find a good bride, otherwise, he would have faced the disrespect from society. George R.R. Martin had the Medieval times as the basis for his “A Song of Ice and Fire”. That`s why one of the leading characters, Daenerys Targaryen, was only 13 when she got married. (Yes, I know, the scriptwriters have changed her age in the TV-show and made her older. They felt conscious about viewers` opinion on various sex scenes).

Why is the tendency of late marriages so popular nowadays and is this a good sign? The age of people who are getting themselves into marriage varies from country to country. Culture and national mentality have a great impact on it. In India, for example, arranged marriages are still common, boys and girls tie the knot being really young.

An average age of a bride in the UK is 29, that of a groom is 31 years old. It`s slightly more than in the USA. So, why do people postpone the marriage? It`s all about the social status. Marriage has always been about the social status. Back in the day you could only get together with a person from your social circle. All other situations were considered misalliance.

Nowadays, you can sky rocket on the social ladder and get a good job by developing your natural talents and skills. People are simply not in a hurry. They have come to the realization that it`s important to have a developed outlook on life, get experienced in a lot of social situations, and step into the marriage as mature adults and not as kids.

The other reason is that people nowadays are growing up slower. Stop raising your eyebrows, I mean it. According to psychologists, it`s obvious that people grow into maturity later today. By that I mean growing up mentally, intellectually. Emotional maturity is important as well.

A century ago youngsters in their early twenties had their whole life figured out: education, job, romantic relationships, friends. Everything was balanced. Modern youth has no slightest idea what is happening to them in this world.

 Early Marriage

An additional reason (and very important one) is lengthening of life expectancy. Back in a day, people jumped into marriage so they can procreate and bring to life new humans. The level of medical care wasn`t high enough to provide the complete safety for a woman who is giving birth to a child. So it was important to have kids while you are young and healthy.

Nowadays you can be not so young but still healthy thanks to advanced technologies in medicine. I always wondered why people have an obligation to the government to tell about their love life. Just think about it: by getting married we`re basically filing a report to a state that we love somebody. Thank goodness, it is optional now!


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