Prompts on Writing an Ecological Essay: Problems and Their Solutions

Ecological Disasters

The most discussed and researched topic nowadays is ecology. Several years ago, people did not pay so much attention to this science and thought that humanity would never face the necessity of taking urgent ecological measures. However, as a result of industrialization and modernization of the world, we have to cope with dozens of issues in order to find effective solutions to all these dangers.

Students are also involved in this process. They get many assignments on ecological studies including different projects, essays, and surveys which they have to complete on their own. Nevertheless, it is an important discipline for many young people and may be complicated to create such type of work without any help. So, we present several examples of modern ecological problems and offer solutions to them as well. Learn these things, and you will never feel confused if you get such a task.

Pollution in All Spheres

Factory Polluting Atmosphere

First of all, it is important to mention the global problem of pollution which takes place in absolutely all spheres of human life. It is difficult to find an ecologically clean place for living, as almost all natural areas are not safe for human health and life today. Unfortunately, this is not a problem of particular countries or cities where factories and other industrial facilities are concentrated. The issue of pollution is global, and it is hard to underestimate its influence and harm for humanity. It is often divided into several groups, there are two of them below.

  • Air pollution is considered to be one of the most dangerous for humanity. It affects all organs in a human organism: from lungs to skin. Many lethal diseases are caused by it. Cancer, respiratory illnesses, lack of nutrients may be the main outcomes of breathing the polluted air. However, this problem is extremely difficult to reduce. All factories which produce goods for citizens emit tons of dangerous substances in the atmosphere. Probably you have experienced a short of breath or felt dizzy after arriving at a big industrial city.
  • Soil pollution is the most difficult to deal with, because it may take millions of years to get rid of all harmful substances in a natural way. Sometimes the area where a huge factory is located becomes inappropriate for usage at all. So, agricultural sphere cannot be developed in such areas, and it gets more difficult to produce enough products which would be safe and clean. Moreover, a lot of finances are required to make a certain territory suitable for agriculture or just for living.



There are no doubts that overpopulation is one of the most important problems nowadays, which seriously affects the ecological conditions of the modern world. Although the number of people on the planet is constantly growing, the shortage of natural resources and other goods, such as water, food or medicines, is observed. Hence, agricultural sphere has to function much more effectively. But such actions lead to the exhaustion of the nature.

For example, the soil becomes inappropriate to grow plants for hundreds of years after a few periods of its intensive use with chemicals and pesticides. In addition, countries which have this problem often have no possibility to provide good living conditions for all people. So, there are lots of different diseases, widespread infections, especially HIV, and so on. Citizens of such poor countries are starving, and the government exhausts all local resources in order to make the situation better for a short time.

Climate Change

Probably you have already noticed that climate has greatly changed during the last few years. That is why many natural spheres are suffering nowadays. Moreover, humanity is under the harmful impact of such quick changes. Scientists make unfortunate predictions. As all of us know that the world is facing the danger of global warming. It is the worst consequence of the climate change which cannot be reduced by modern technology even if the humanity tries hard.

  • As a result of the climate change, more and more diseases are appearing nowadays. Almost every day scientists discover a new illness and have no idea how to cope with it. Hence, even some huge outbreaks of new viruses may happen, and there is no vaccine against it. It is a topical issue for developing countries with low hygiene conditions and medicine level.
  • Melting of polar ice seems to be a minor issue for people who live far from these areas, but it may be the lethal problem for the whole planet. Floods frequently occur nowadays as the result of this process.
  • In addition, weather changes badly affect people who are sensitive to such changes. Generally, it has a negative influence on the immune systems and many organs. The human body has to adjust to some absolutely new conditions. Moreover, the climate change leads to poor biodiversity. Animals, birds, and insects can survive only if the weather is changing slowly. However, a quick rise of temperatures leads to the disappearance of some kinds.

Gaps in the Ozone Layer

Our planet is vulnerable to the harmful UV radiation produced by the Sun which may even destruct the Earth. Fortunately, there is the ozone layer which protects us from this impact. However, it may be very quickly ruined because of human activity. Factories which cause air pollution also produce many toxic gasses which go to the upper layers of atmosphere.

The main substance which cause such an effect is chlorofluorocarbons which create huge holes in the ozone layer. The mankind is becoming more and more vulnerable to the radiation. As a result, more diseases appear and it is difficult to treat them. The only possible way to solve this problem is a ban on such substances and gasses. Even if many industries refuse from them, still there is a need to monitor this issue.

In conclusion, it is important to mention that thousands of ecological campaigns are run nowadays as well. Many companies present their eco-friendly policies, and huge amounts of money are donated to solve the existing problems. However, a lot of efforts and time are needed to reduce the damage which humanity has done to the environment. Some of these things cannot be tackled at all.

So, it is much better to prevent the described issues than spend billions of dollars in order to get rid of their harmful influences later. We hope that you will use our prompts and samples while writing your essays. In the next article, we will proceed with the topic of modern humanity problems and present the issue of the lack of resources and its possible solutions.

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