Cyberbullying: Feel Powerful Hiding Behind the Screen?


The Internet is a mean place. How come we haven`t seen it coming? It`s not my personal opinion. That`s what teenagers throughout the whole world think, according to the recent social survey. The World Wide Web was created to give people information, to give them an opportunity for communication, all in all, to make the world a better place with tons of accessible data.

But nowadays it has turned into some kind of Petri dish where such parasites as hatred, outrage, negativity and cyberbullying are developing, spreading widely and they are out of control. No, I don`t mean that there should be the control over the Internet per se. A lot of people would consider it to be an attempt of a sabotage of democracy.

Such countries as Russia, North Korea, and China have made their statement about the Internet. It`s a place where free ideas are making their way through wires and Wi-Fi waves from person to person. This may shake the foundation of authoritarian government. It has got to become a restricted area.

From the point of view of a modern person, we do realize that the freedom of speech is the basis of a democratic world. How can we control the Internet then? We can`t and we probably shouldn`t. I do believe we should start from ourselves.

Cyberbullying was probably one of the teenagers` aspects of life nobody really paid attention to because it didn`t seem that important. Young people tend to overreact, they are so sensitive to the opinions that their peers form about them. It`s not that simple. It`s never simple when a problem like this starts causing people`s deaths.

Facebook Cyberbullying

A case, which is so terrifying that it`s hard to even start describing it, has occurred in Canada. In fact, the country doesn`t really matter here. It literally could have happened anywhere in the world. Does the name of Amanda Todd tell you something? Have you heard this name from your teachers or professors? You might have heard it from the news or just came across her last video on YouTube.

This young person has become a starting point of society`s fight with cyberbullying. Is it necessary to give you the gist? All right, I will tell you her story, but you`ve got to promise me that you will watch the last video she uploaded before saying goodbye to this world.

I`m not trying to scare you or anything, no. You just have to know it, because 15-year-old girls shouldn`t die because of the Internet. The beginning of the story may seem a bit controversial, but… I guess I will just leave this one for you to decide.

Being in the 7th grade, Amanda Todd was approached via Facebook by a stranger. They`ve been in touch on the Internet for about a year and he somehow convinced a girl to send him a picture of her bare breasts. And she did. The manipulative and cruel messages started coming afterwards.

The man has leaked the picture to the web and it started circulating all around the Facebook. All Amanda`s friends and classmates saw it. They all despised her which led to the prolonged period of cyberbullying.

The teenager would change cities and schools, but the man that has become her curse would find her anywhere. He would spread the image over and over again. Constant mocking, physical abuse and again cyberbullying made Amanda tape a video where she tells her story. In a month after the video was uploaded on YouTube, she committed suicide.

The police got involved, what is more, the world got involved. Such term as “cyberbullying” has started being recognized as a serious problem. Charity funds and governmental organizations were popping up. They all were aimed at the alleviation of the scale of cyberbullying and providing psychological help for people who fell victims of this online disaster.

Celebrities are among the people who would experience tons and tons of cyberbullying being flushed on them in order to get on their nerves. You`d think that rich, famous and talented couldn`t care less about the ridiculous comments on social media. However, a lot of those who entertain us claimed that they were very much dependent on the opinion of their audience. And the cruel approach of social media bullies is getting out of hand.

Crazy groupies make the life of the significant others of their favorite singers or actors absolutely unbearable. Adele has confessed that she has been fat-shamed on the Internet. A lot of insanely talented people say that for one adoring fan there are two despiteful haters.

Den Reynolds, who is the best known as the lead singer of “Imagine Dragons”, after a mournful suicide of “Linkin Park” front man Chester Bennington uploaded an appeal to everybody online. The main idea was the following: human beings should be kind to each other. Why would anybody write a hateful comment just to feel better about themselves? Supporting and loving words can do wonders.

This is so true. Let`s be kinder to one another. People have fragile souls, one cruel phrase may start an irreversible mechanism of self-hatred and social anxiety. We are together on this planet. What if humanity is absolutely lonely in this universe? It`s free to be kind. Princess Diana is famous for her words: ‘Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you’.

This article was written by Ian

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