Throwing a Decent College Party: Not for Sobriety Fraternity

College Party

Every college student knows that you have to be extra prepared when this time comes. Everybody is super excited and nervous about it. Everybody wants it to be flawless and smooth. Exam session! Cough, cough… What was I even thinking about? The row of college parties, of course! Usually, the spring break is the best opportunity to get carried away with fun and booze, but there is no really time limitation for students for entertainment.

The question remains the same for every generation of university goers: how to throw a decent college party? Probably, the most important question in your whole process of studying. These are the skills you are actually going to use in your future life. There are so many factors that should be kept in mind, from beverages and snacks to games and music.

Don`t Make the Enemies for Life

Listen to me, you! Forget the food and entertainment! The guest list is something that is of the highest importance. You miss one person and your reputation is ruined till the end of the whole studying. This is extremely important if you`re a freshman. Don`t make those googly eyes, you heard me right!

According to psychologists, your scores are very much dependent on your social status among the peers. The more comfortable you feel among other people, the better you feel about yourself. This situation has a huge impact on your self-esteem and therefore, your exam results.

If it`s your very first year in an institution of higher education, you should remember a couple of rules while making a guest list for your party. In case senior students come to your party, your level of “coolness” rises crazily. It`s the best way to make friends among the older fellow party-goers, which might be rather helpful in your further studying.

Next step is your groupmates. You do know what is the main bonding tool among the students? No, not the group projects. Booze projects! You are going to have to use your social skills on your full capacities because you will go with these people through the fire and flames. You scratch my back, I`ll scratch yours. Probably the only rule that actually works at the university.

If you live in a dormitory, then you should know that your neighbors will not be huge fans of your idea to throw a party. What should you do in this case? Invite them, of course! Yes, I understand that those might not the people you wanted to have fun with, maybe you even loathe them somewhere deeply in your heart. But you will have to make peace with these disturbing feelings.

If you scream at the top of your lungs ‘Make some noise, people’ in your room, there is a chance that your neighbors tell on you and you might end up homeless. You don`t want to sleep on the bench in the university and take a shower while having a physical training classes? Keep your neighbors entertained and be friendly to them, they possess way too much power at the dorm.

There Is Never Too Much Food for a Student

Much Food

Make a stock. Seriously, remember how hungry you are usually after all those lectures and colloquiums! Everybody loves free stuff and students love free food, of course! (Well, who doesn`t, right?) I know, what you are going to say me now. Hey, I`m not a millionaire, how am I supposed to feed that hungry horde?

I`ve thrown college parties before, so I know your pain and I got your back, Jack. I do know that even people who are getting a degree in psychology, philosophy, or design usually eat like baseball players after a hectic game.

You don`t need fancy cheese or fruits bouquets all over the table. Popcorn, nuts, chips, Oreos (probably), something that is the result of your desperate attempt to cook and smells like burnt bear fur (unfortunate personal experience). Anything that can theoretically be digested by the stomach of a student is acceptable.

When it comes to college parties, the main idea is bonding, having fun, drinking, and dancing. Food is important, it`s quantity is important, it`s quality though? I don`t really think so.

Shots, Shots, Shots, Everybody!

Colorful Cocktails

We got to the core, ladies and gentlemen! The most crucial and the most expensive core, to be honest. At our university we had a rule: the host of the party provides the food, the music, and the fun part, the guests bring the alcohol.

This way you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you save your kidney and don`t have to sell it anymore in order to make the bar out of your room. Secondly, you put all the drinks in one place so everybody can choose whatever they want. A great scheme, indeed!

If you manage to put it all together, trust me that even with the worst music in the world and the lamest games, it`s going to be lit! Don`t miss on the second part of this article where I`m going to tell you what music is not the worst in the world and what games are more or less not lame.


La-La-Land Poster

The field where you are going to bump into the biggest number of complications. You should accumulate enough of energy to go through those screams till the end of the party: ‘Turn it down!’, ‘Do you call it the music?’, ‘How about R’n’B?’, ‘All the Single Ladies by Beyoncé!’, ‘I have my own mix and you all are going to lo-o-o-ve it!’

Seriously, so annoying. So, the playlist should be as inclusive as possible. Remember the music they play in night clubs? It doesn`t seem to have a specific melody, but it`s incredibly catchy. The trick of club music is that it synchronizes with your accelerated heartbeat and it`s like your body functions and moves in accordance with the beat.

The most terrible mistake you may make while dealing with a music aspect is a rubbish DJ. You can be the guy yourself, but you can`t be the center of attention at the event and play music at the same time, duh! Never ever. Just listen carefully. If you`re eating something and reading this article, put it down for a second.

Never ever believe a person who says he or she can beatbox and be a DJ at the same time. Firstly, you can only believe that person if this is Charlie Puth. Secondly, be a lamb and don`t let that guy embarrass himself and ruin your party all at once.

You know what? Go with Rihanna. She is a perfect variant. All sorts of high-quality party music – smooth for slow dancing and upbeat, cool for “let`s rock this place”. David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris are the A-listers of any party music.

A little personal request from me. Just promise that you will not play “Despacito”. For heaven`s sake, stop this nonsense which is spreading throughout the world with the speed of light.

Who`s up for Some Games?

There is a 99% chance that the games at your party will include alcoholic beverages. Apparently, drinking nowadays is so boring that you have to mix it up a little bit with fun activities. “Never have I ever” and “Drunk Jenga” are among the most popular choices.

Do you want some video instructions? Just watch “22 Jump Street”. It`s all there. If you want to go without windows shattered into teeny-tiny pieces and all your furniture being upside down in the campus yard, you might consider the games which would omit booze.

Twister and Limbo are iconic party games that have been around for dozens of years. Classic just never gets old, does it? Make your guests show the best of their dance moves and here you are with a dance battle.

Let`s be honest here right now. It`s not like we`ve been lying to you all this time, but still. When it comes to music, everybody will try to weigh in but for the first half an hour or so. After the party gets into its full flow, it all will be about communication, bonding, and fun, so relax. The music beat will come naturally as far as your hearts have the melody inside.

Waking up, What`s There Beside You?

The rules of successful partying don`t just end with the actual party. What happens afterwards is absolutely crucial. You do realize that your campus room or an apartment is going to turn into a post-Apocalyptic mess? Therefore, you should be well prepared for that moment.

When we had a huge party at my campus, we had a rule: when you`re leaving a party, you take out the trash with you. Not all of it, obviously. A couple of bottles, some empty packages and at the moment all guests are out of your home, you have a little of work to do.

Cleaning up the mess afterwards is something that makes you say a big “no-no” to hosting events like this. The worst thing is when you don`t live on a campus, but rent a place of your own. I mean, it`s not the worst in general, it`s a blessing, but you will always be the “dude or the chick with a place for throwing a party”.

It`s up to you to decide whether you want to get involved in this movement. Certainly, I don`t want you to think that parties are something that is not optional in students` life. I know a lot of absolutely cool people who hate partying and prefer a quiet evening with a book instead of a bunch tipsy peers who are making weird sounds. Whatever is your choice, just stick to it.

This article was written by Ian

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