The Character`s Nationality: Just the Citizen of the Earth

Citizen of Earth

Hola, amigos! Seriously, never do it though. Do you know anything about Spanish speaking people besides that phrase? I bet you`d say no. In case you said yes, just read it till the end and you`ll see my whole point here. Even if it seems a bit blurry at the beginning.

So, we don`t know much about our fellow Earth co-habitants. And all we know about them are the biased stereotypical statements from movies and books. They often cause the cringe worthy moments and make the faces of the readers turn on the WTF mode. You don`t want to seem racist while choosing the nationality of your character in a story, do you? I knew that. We are on our way, sweethearts, to give you some advice on the anti-racial plot.

Nobody Can Choose Their Motherland, but You Can!

The Little Prince on His Planet

I mean the motherland of your character, of course. Speaking of choosing the motherland (it might not be related to the topic of the article, though I find this fact really fascinating, you may, of course, skip it if you want but don’t: if a woman gives a birth to a child on the territory of a certain country but she is a resident of a different state, in most cases she can choose what citizenship her baby will have).

Here we go, now let`s continue. If you are new to writing stories, it`s better to “stay local” and to make your character the same nationality as you are. Firstly, people like reading stories related to them so your story will be popular at least among those from your country. Secondly, it`s easier to get to the core of mentality of a certain nation, you already know what all of these people find as their inspiration and life mojo, what are their common personality traits and what defines them as the British, Chinese or Cambodian.

You may omit the mentioning of the character`s nationality but a huge amount of juice of the story would be lost. Your audience has already an inbuilt image of the certain countries. By determining the nationality, you will give the readers the hook how to approach your story.

We understand the actions of a protagonist better if we know that some of his beliefs, principles, and patterns of behavior were dictated by the place of his birth. Attention! When you figure out who your character will be, try not to drown him/her in stereotypes.

The English Are Reserved? Have You Ever Seen English Football Fans?

English Football Fans

These guys are just ruthless and merciless but enough about them. Actually, an example with English football fans (or as Americans call them in their own weird way – soccer fans, please, stop stealing the European words to denote something yours) is the case of oversimplifying stereotyping. Basing on the behavior of a certain group of people, we easily jump into conclusion that this is the typical thing. You have to dig deeper than that.

The French are romantic, the Italians are emotional, the Spanish are passionate and I won`t even start on a massive flow of stereotypes about the Jews. These are the characteristics or I`d rather say misconceptions about various nationalities. They are typical. No author on this planet would want their story to seem typical.

The edges of the mentality of a certain nation are hands down important. The point is in moderation. You know the bottles with booze where they write “consume with moderation”? Yes, apply that one here as well.

The Germans, for example, are often seen as punctual and scrupulous. When it comes to their enterprises, then there is no doubt they share their deal of thoroughness. However, a lot of German people are not so tied to the timetable, what is more, the buses in Berlin never come in time. Well, the last one was just the cry of my heart.

If you use any suggestions like that in your story, in the eyes of the audience you will seem like a really superficial, mediocre author. You have got to be especially careful and gentle with the nation who suffer from racism. As you know, there is the issue with Mexicans in the USA of the recent year, the unsolved problem with the Muslim entering limitations in certain EU countries. Situations like that lead to dysfunction of social rules and set the relationships within humanity on fire.

Oscars? 2016 Wasn`t So Shiny for You, Was It?

You`d think that the situation like this may occur at least in the past century when the anti-racist movement wasn`t so widespread and didn`t have such a global massive impact on society. But nope, 2016 Oscars proved that humanity still needs to work on their equality issues.

You do know the cases that Hollywood movies are being blamed for not enough level of inclusivity? There was an infamous and even scandalous controversial situation during the presentation of Academy Awards nominees of that year.

That was the time of “the whitest Oscars” in the whole history of this cinematographic award show. Actors, directors and movies crew members, all the people of color in major categories were simply not presented. It caused a wave of rage among a lot of respectable cinema art professionals. The ceremony was even ignored by many stars.

Now you see that inclusivity and various characters will do you only good. First and foremost, you will get a chance to show the world how different and beautiful in its variations humans might be. Secondly, you will find yourself thankful readers from all the corners of this planet.

The 21st century was meant to be the time of the space exploration, colonization of new planets and finding alternative sources of energy in some far away galaxies. But we can`t make up our minds on Earth, so how can we go to space? The 21st century was never meant to be the time of the separation between the races, the nations, and the religions.

Show a good example and present various concepts of different human personalities in the world. Don`t you ever look back at the stereotypes! Let`s globalize your story a bit, shall we?

This article was written by Ian

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