Blondes` Intelligence: There Are Many of Them in Science Actually


Let’s talk about blondes. Yes, we got to the topic just now. I was eager to write an article like this for a long time. Doesn’t this seem really frustrating that living in the 21 century we somehow judge people based on their hair color? Shout out to all the people who fall into the hollow of misogynistic thoughts. Trust me, that hollow may be so deep that you will hardly get out of there yourself.

For your information, I’m not blonde, as a lot of you might have thought by now. Why on Earth would I protect the good name of blonde people? I have a lot of friends who face the impact of social stereotypes on a daily basis. So as a good friend I decided to speak on their behalf and spread the science all over this subject to make our conversation here as valid as it’s humanly possible.

Hey, all the skeptics here, I’ll throw some spoilers at you right now. Science says that blondies are actually the smartest among other presenters of various hair color. Take that, all the drivers who start either cursing or praying while seeing a blonde girl driving a car.

Blondies or Smarties to Be More Accurate?

The whole scientific research was conducted a while ago and it turned out that “a blonde moment” can`t be a thing anymore. In case you`ve never heard this phrase, then lucky you and I`ll bring it down to you real quick. “A blonde moment” is a term used to describe frustrated, lost or yes, maybe even dumb, moments of anybody including the actual light-haired people.

Can you believe that you`ve been using that phrase in a wrong way all this time? The research has shown that naturally blonde people have on average 3 more IQ points than those with dark or red hair. Well, this is a surprise, huh?

I have no idea how come this stereotype has started in a first place if blonde people are actually supposed to be smarter. However, the difference in 3 points may be considered to be insignificant, but still. It`s all in the maths, babe.

My Genetics Says I Need Kids from You

Blonde women are seen as more desirable by the males. Is that so? Yep! Sorry, all the beautiful brunettes and gorgeous redheads, but this is true. It`s in our genetics and there is no way (at least for now) to change it.

Naturally, blonde people are the minority of Earth`s population. The genetic trait that carries the information about hair color can be either dominant or recessive. This meaning one thing: you either win in the game of genes or loose. The blonde hair trait is a recessive one.

If one of the parents has the dark hair color and the other one has light, there is approximately 95-99% chance that the baby will be a brunette. Psychological and neurobiological studies have shown that such a rare trait is seen as more attractive from the evolutionary perspective.

On our subconscious level, we understand that there are not so many blonde people (and yes, our subconscious in most cases is so dumb that it won`t actually define a natural blonde and a dyed one)  and we have to save their population. In order to do that we need to spread their genetic material. And that`s how the blonde girls get all the attention.

Does Dark Equal Boring?

Brunette VS Blonde

An interesting social experiment was conducted by a group of girls being from 21 to 24 years old. They all had naturally dark hair color and decided to switch to the lighter palette. The purpose of the research was to find out whether it`s true that blondes have more fun.

They analyzed the responses and ranking on their Tinder profiles before and after they became blondies. It`s hard to say that it was THAT surprising but still the numbers were astonishing. 40% more right-swipes on Tinder for blonde girls. When they asked random Internet users to name their three main character traits basing only on the picture, the word “fun” appeared much often while describing light-haired ladies.

So it`s sad to admit for those who are not blondes, that these Rapunzels do have certain privileges in life. However, according to the other social research, the blondes often are not taken seriously, they are not seen as responsible employees and they are less likely to be entrusted the leading post at a place of work.

The scientists were asking thousands and thousands of men to find out the answer to an eternal rhetorical question: “What a perfect woman is like?” Turns out, she is actually a blonde, with blue eyes, who is a social drinker, by the way. Fun fact is that the respondents were not limited in characteristics, but only a few percent of all men included personality traits, like intelligence, kindness, into the description.

This article was written by Ian

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