American and European Students: I Think I Should Move

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If Illuminati union exists, then I know for sure who its members can be. Are you ready for this? This might be a revelation of the century. Students all over the planet are the Illuminati. Think about it, they all live in different parts of the world, but still are able to connect with each other on a mental level.

And by this mental level I mean Facebook pages with funny memes about students` problems. But students just know each other`s pain. No matter where you live, you still have to pass exams, attend lectures, get involved in group projects. Unless you study in Finland. Universities there are way too cool for all of the boring stuff.

However, some differences between students all over the world can be spotted effortlessly. Let`s take a look at Americans and Europeans. Just a little note for all US citizens out there. Please, stop considering EU to be one country, it has so many nationalities and cultures in it besides French, British and Italian. Just a friendly reminder from all the European students. So what are the main differences?

Get Your Nose Up!

Glued to the Phone

The first thing you notice when you come to Europe as an American student is that people there are not so into their phones as they are in the US. That`s the opinion of Americans revealed by one social survey. Well, there was no need to conduct that survey anyway, it`s enough to go outside to find that out.

In major cities like New York or Los Angeles you’ve got to be really careful walking down the street. The moment you get distracted, you`re so screwed. US citizens have developed the super abilities to walk without actually looking at the road. They are diving into the phones and that`s the way they get to their destination. Mostly these are youngsters.

Students in Europe are more likely to walk and enjoy the surrounding world on their way to the university. Even though they walk the same route every day, still they will not miss on a chance to check out the beautiful architecture or rapidly changing color of nature. No phones! Besides, it`s dangerous on the road, and people in Europe tend to follow the rules more than Americans. In general.

Did you know that just recently Honolulu`s authorities have implied a law which forbids to look at your phone while crossing the street? Huge fines will be imposed! What a way to think about the safety of the citizens! All of you out there, please stop being glued to the smartphones, the real world has even more pixels and better resolution!

The Never-Ending Talk About Booze

I can literally hear all American students scream now: ‘No, don`t rub salt into our wounds!’. But I have to, guys. I just have to. Rub #1: In most European countries people are allowed to drink alcohol right after turning the age of 18. Americans, on the other hand, have to wait until being 21 years old. It`s not like they really wait until that age to get their first Cosmopolitan, but still the law is the law.

Rub #2: Alcohol is much cheaper in Europe. A fancy bottle of good wine will cost you an arm and a leg when you`re in the States, but in a lot of European countries they will charge you for that bottle as much as for coffee. And it will be a good wine, indeed.

Rub #3: No open container laws. Again, in most of the countries. How many scarfs have you ruined putting stains on them? And it all was because of these American laws. Trying to wrap up a bottle into anything that is beside you is a hard task. What does the European youth do? Just walks around, holding those bottles with booze like they are carrying the purses. No big deal!

What is more, in countries like Scotland people will probably worry about your health and well-being if you don`t carry any liquor with you. It`s not optional!

Access to the Best Transport in the World

Cycling in Paris

And I mean your two legs or two wheels. European students usually walk or bike when they need to get somewhere. Firstly, it`s better for the environment. Secondly, it`s faster in a lot of cases. Europe has a very long history, so its cities were built many centuries ago. At that time there was no need to make wide streets. So bicycle or any of modern personal transport variations are the best choices to get around the city.

This fact frustrates Americans a lot, by the way. They hardly imagine their lives without using a car, so people who move to the EU from the US see the first couple of months of life there as the most intense boot camp style training. They actually have to walk!

Adventurous Mind of Explorers

It`s very common among the European youth to explore new cities and interesting unseen places of their country. They do it practically every weekend. Lucky you if you were born among the picturesque landscapes of Sweden or Norway. However, there is something special in each and every country to find.

American students, in most cases, take a gap year for traveling and they feel that it`s boring to explore your own country when you have an opportunity to go abroad. Well, you will always have time to visit a neighboring state, but the Seychelles are sinking, so make it on time to see them.

At the end of the day, students may still consider themselves a community. A very tight community, no matter where you live and what you`re studying. We have our differences, but we have the same goal. To get the proper education and become successful professionals? Ha! We have to master the special technique of sleeping during the lectures, so the professor doesn`t notice.


This article was written by Ian

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