Advertising Techniques: Who Gave You an Access to My Mind?


I want this, I need this, I can`t live without it. Even though a couple of minutes ago I had no idea such thing as an umbrella for cats existed. Now my life is just an empty hollow without it. And I don`t even have a cat. Guys who work in marketing are geniuses. Evil ones.

For me, they are like Hannibals Lecters. They play with your mind and make you do stuff you would never do under any circumstances. Buying more and more, consuming more and more. Psychology of people has well-known patterns. Humans tend to think similarly. And you thought we all are unique individuals. Yeah, right!

Let`s see how marketing techniques can trick us into buying things we don`t need. How do they convince us that certain product is absolutely essential? Now you`ll know and won’t bite on that bait again.

You`re So Cute!

Animals with big eyes, fluffy tails, and funny quirky voices. Why not buy the tenth vacuum cleaner if the cutest raccoon in the world tells you so? Yes, it does work not only for kids. This pattern of thinking forms in our heads since childhood.

Being a kid, you associate an animated movie with kindness and the happy ending. They almost lack violence (let`s not take into consideration Tom & Jerry, because it`s basically a Tarantino movie for kids), they teach us good stuff. We develop positive associations while watching cartoons.

In gets into our subconscious. When we see a cartoonish character in an advert, we immediately pull out all those associations to the surface of our mind and tend to buy the product, which is now the part of our “happy place”.

Shine Like a Superstar!

 Celebs in Adverts

For some reason, people tend to trust celebrities. Why? Who knows? Oh, right, I`m the one who is supposed to give you the answers! We all know for sure that stars were paid tremendous amounts of cashy cash for a certain advert. And there is a big chance that they have never seen that product before the shooting, but we buy it anyway.

The trick that plays with your brain in this situation is the so called “trust quota”. Who is your favorite celeb? You have an idol at some point. Someone you follow, someone you want to look like. What do marketing guys do? They are looking for a star which will spark the response in the hearts of as many fans as possible.

It can be your style icon who is promoting a certain makeup product or a favorite sportsman in some sneakers advert. Your brain sees the following pattern here: These people choose these items, now I have to choose the same items, so I`ll be exactly like them.

Are You Scared Now?

It`s on sale! Only two items are left! If you don`t buy it now, you are going to miss out on an excellent opportunity. Once in a lifetime! Seriously, sometimes adverts like these go way over the top with their persuasion techniques.

It`s just the way our psychology works. We are scared of losing something, we are scared of missing the opportunities we are given. To add insult to injury, marketers use really intense music on the background, so it would seem even more intimidating. The last one! The last one! Yeah, right! You had the last one today, and the day before that, and the week before that, so back off all of you who want to sell me stuff I don`t really need.

Numbers, Calculations, and the Stuff We Never Look At

To prove that a certain product is creme de la creme and is basically made of heaven and rainbows, marketers use numbers. Usually, in adverts they sound vague and it`s hard for a viewer to understand them. So they oversimplify statistical data. Oh, sorry, I meant “statistical data”.

2 of 3 women say this shampoo will make you the character from One Direction song and the way you flip your hair will get all boys overwhelmed. 80% of all men after drinking this beer acknowledge that it gives zero headache.

Do you know where these numbers come from? What about a percentage? They could have definitely conducted a little social survey. If 4 of 5 men they interviewed proved that, it`s safe to say 80%, which sounds more legit, doesn`t it?

Don`t play the game of purchasing by their rules. The people who work in marketing sphere get into the depth of our subconscious. They are trying to input a thought into it that we definitely need something. Do you remember the movie “Inception”? The same thing is happening to you on a daily basis. But now you know the ways you`re being tricked with and will only buy products basing on their quality.


This article was written by Ian

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