Modern Education and All Truth About It

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Hello and welcome to! You are visiting the blog which is dedicated to one of the most important, complicated and nowadays controversial aspects of your life – to education. Here you will find out about the most topical issues of modern education, comprehend its system better, see its strengths and weaknesses as well as discover effective strategies to cope with its difficulties. We are going to talk about literally everything, starting from the best essay writing service for students and finishing with the technology’s influence on education. So, follow our updates and keep abreast of the latest education news!

Why We Are Writing About Education

Whether our need to learn is innate and natural or acquired due to some complex processes of evolution and socialization, we cannot deny the fact that we would not go far without it. Roughly speaking, you could not even read these lines if you did not have the need to learn to read. Partly, many centuries ago this very need caused the necessity to create special centers where people could learn or be taught new things and skills. This is how education with its original theories and practices appeared.


It might be rather difficult to determine where and when exactly the world’s first school was established. However, we know for sure that the University of Bologna, France, is famously considered to be the first university of Medieval Europe, founded a little bit less than one millennium ago, in 1088. And in 1650, the first university of the New World (that is in the USA) was chartered: it was well-known Harvard University, founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Still, it is obvious that education as the process of acquiring new knowledge, skills and values takes its roots in prehistoric times. Even though this word, which we use today to name such process, was coined centuries later than the first class had been held, it is impossible to overestimate the role education has played and continues playing in the destiny of our world. Considering that nowadays education is by default an integral part of our life, which cannot help interconnecting with its all other parts, it requires and deserves much attention. So, in essence, this is what our blog is urged to do: it will follow, describe and analyze the latest tendencies and problems of the modern education.

What Are Our Reference Points and Aims

You see, on the one hand, education is quite an easy topic to write about. When it comes to the challenges both students and educators face, it is especially convenient and many-sided enough to express your dissatisfaction and criticism.

On the other hand, these days many issues of education are getting more and more controversial and therefore difficult to approach and resolve. The thing is that education is closely connected with the different spheres of our life, such as technology or politics, as well as with various social facets (for example, employment, career and social status). That is why partly it is dependent on and determined by the changes which happen in these spheres.

While we were laying the foundation of this blog project, we understood that we had to cover a wide range of issues and process a lot of different information. So, we decided to set a few particular priorities and aims in order to complete our work as successfully as possible. Now we would like to share them with you, our visitor and reader, as it turned out that they could shed more light on our team’s performance and the guidelines we followed.

  • We want to inform our readers and not influence their opinions, so our writers keep unbiased when discussing ambiguous things.
  • The main subject of this project is education, so we try to stay away from political and social controversies.
  • We strive to create a helpful information source for students and everybody who is interested in the subject.

How This Blog Can Help You

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A blog is actually a very versatile thing. Despite the fact that today blogs are not yet considered 100% reliable references, they still have every right to compete with other online sources. We think that some of the biggest advantages each blog can boast of is its brevity and reader-friendly style. It means that on the blog you can find interesting and useful material, presented in a brief and plain manner and not tinged with dusty abstrusity.

Sticking firmly to this idea, we have done our best to develop the blog which would:

  • inform you on the latest remarkable news and innovations in modern education;
  • help you with your school or college assignments if you are a student: here you will find great tips on writing various essays and other academic papers;
  • reveal essential challenges which modern students have to face during their study;
  • provide you with fresh materials to muse over and discuss in the class if you are a teacher;
  • just let you spend your time online with maximum benefit.

A Few Words About Our Team

Our undertaking involves creative, well-educated and experienced enthusiasts who teach, write, study and take part in different projects. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you, and we are eager to help you learn more with us!